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    Default Male Body sprays.....An enemy to cologne? lol

    I dont know if anyone posted this on this website but I have Appolo Axe body spray and I was wondering how everybody feels about Body Sprays???

    Is this Male marketed Masculine version of a Body Spray theee natural enemy of the cologne industry? it a good alternative to wearing cologne and "mixing it up" a bit during the week?

    I would think anyone who put on body spray and then cologne would smell like a walking whore house..lmao.

    What do you guys think? Girls too?

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    Default Re: Male Body sprays.....An enemy to cologne? lol

    I've smelled a few of the Tags and Axes and have yet to smell anything with any sort of complexity or richness similar to that of what cologne smells like.

    My room mate wears Axe once in a while, and I must admit that my fragrance snobbery kicks into full gear when he does so!

    ("God, doesn't he know any better? why isn't be borrowing some good stuff from me?!")

    No problem with that though...if it does the trick for people and does it at only $4, to each his own! You won't catch me dead wearing it.
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    Default Re: Male Body sprays.....An enemy to cologne? lol

    I don't wear 'body sprays' - I find them a little loud & obnoxious smelling (in general) and too chemical smelling. Part of it is my nose and part of it, I must admit, is the snob factor.

    However, having said that, I have complimented someone on what scent they were wearing before, and they told me they were wearing an Axe body spray. So embarassing!

    But, hey honestly, I think I'd much rather smell a guy wearing Axe then smelling dirty or like body odor - any day.
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    Default Re: Male Body sprays.....An enemy to cologne? lol

    does Axe have a car running in circles on the Nascar circuit? A lot of the body sprays appeal is as the US slides forlornly back into the dark ages at least we don't have to put anything foreign sounding on our bodies. Freedom fries anyone?
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    Default Re: Male Body sprays.....An enemy to cologne? lol

    Body odor = bad. Axe + body odor = Axe. It's a very easy way to cover up bad smells. Axe doesn't smell that bad, and lots of girls like the smell for some reason, but I personally just choose the Old Spice body spray that matches my deodorant. It's loud just like Axe, but not as much of the negative connotation.

    One thing I still really like is the smell of Bod Blue Musk for Men. Delicious!
    - Rich
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    Default Re: Male Body sprays.....An enemy to cologne? lol

    Yes, Bod Blue Musk does smell pretty nice, as does Kilo by Axe. One of my friends from Spain stayed over for a few and, surprisingly, he was wearing Lynx (Axe is the American version of the Euro original). It was called Africa, and it actually smelled pretty nice.

    All that being said, I would not compare it to cologne, even though it is being marketed as such. It is more of a deodorant. (Think Right Guard, but with more flavors.)
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    Default Re: Male Body sprays.....An enemy to cologne? lol

    Quote Originally Posted by _R$_ View Post
    Body odor = bad. Axe + body odor = Axe. It's a very easy way to cover up bad smells.
    Keep the Lysol handy for those nasty pet, cigarette, food, etc. odors and a can of Axe for those ripe boys/men that come home from a hard day of work or play.

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    Default Re: Male Body sprays.....An enemy to cologne? lol

    Would it not be fair to call body sprays a cologne by a different name, one targeted at the unsophisticated low end market. Cheese in an spray can is still cheese after all, only eatable by people with no taste or near death from starvation.

    Anyway, I see the current body sprays as the equivalent of what Hai Karate was back in the 60's. A cheap starter cologne with a better ad campaign then scent. Basically both are selling the male fantacy of being irresistible to women more then they are selling fragrance.
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    Default Re: Male Body sprays.....An enemy to cologne? lol

    I can see why Axe line has become so popular. Apart from having similar scents to best selling male fragrances, they tend to project far better and cost next to nothing. I think it should be suitable for the average college guy to wear on a day to day basis, without having to spend $50+ on a great designer frag. that will be worn everyday. And yes, many girls do like the Axe smell.

    On the downside, however, they smell far too synthetic and their longevity is quite poor, at least on me.
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    Default Re: Male Body sprays.....An enemy to cologne? lol

    body sprays would require much more application to get a lasting effect as a cologne, but still won't come close. It probably lasts an hour or 2 on me, that's about it. I used to go through a can a week if I put it on everyday, and touch ups throughout the day.

    price x # of cans---> 5 x 4 = $20

    it's about 20 bucks a month, but I'd rather spend 20-30 more and get a bottle 3.4 oz of cologne that will last me months and produce greater results.
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    Default Re: Male Body sprays.....An enemy to cologne? lol

    It never hurts to try and mix!

    Although I use odourless deo now, the most success I've had is with Sure for Men; it's pretty strong, but it doesn't take anything away from most scents. Other not-so bad ones are Lynx (the UK brand name of Axe) Pulse and Physio Sport Pure Energy (although I think that may have been discontinued now).

    Classic combo was Lynx Tempest and either Drakkar Noir or Armani pour Homme, such combinations of wonderment. However, to my eternal sadness, I believe that Tempest was discontinued in the late 90s.

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    Default Re: Male Body sprays.....An enemy to cologne? lol

    We just got in the new Right Guard RGX bodysprays where I work, and boy are they gawdawful! It's a shame because their ad campaign features this really sultry brunette who makes you think that if you wear this crap, you'd have a chance with her. I think if I ever went on a date with her, I'd wear 50 sprays of Kouros just to spite her for misleading everybody!

    Or something.

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    Default Re: Male Body sprays.....An enemy to cologne? lol

    Bod Blue Musk was the first and best body spray i tried. Its not complex, but its pretty nice in my opinion.

    I don't like axe because it is very powdery. also girls that i know don't like axe much. However the few who do, in my experience like phoenix the best. Before I started using cologne, i was using the green tag and liked it, but it was no longer nice after an hour or so. Also I think the Pure Sport scent by Old Spice (i have the deodorant) is pretty nice.
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