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    Default More Ava Luxe: Kama Xtreme, Fumari, Oude and Shisha

    I'm beginning to like this line of fragrances very much! I wanted to try Kama extreme after trying the the other version, but I went ahead and ordered more samples to go with it.

    Kama Xtreme:
    Is it musky? YES!
    Is it animalic? VERY!
    Is it extreme? It's going off the scale!
    This scent is what I was hoping it would be. It's just like the regular Kama, only the X-treme has a much more warmer, "smutty-er" note. It almost seems to glow. It's no MKK, but it comes close. Actually, I think I like it better than MKK and my favorite to date, Kielh's. Kama has very little sweetness to it compared to MKK or Kielh's. Musc Koublai Khan almost smells soapy when I compared it to Kama X.

    Lots of frankincense. It's like Messe de Minuit without the chilly grey overcast.
    No damp stones or crypts with this one.

    I've never smelled real oud, so I don't know what to compare it to. I thought Feu de Bois (Fire Wood) was a great alternative to Black Cashmere. Oude could easily be the men's version of BC. It's so much darker and absolutely no flowers! It's like Feu de Bois in it's ember stage. It's smoldering on my left arm right now. Ava luxe sent me a sample of the parfum. Much thicker consistency than edp. I could see this in my meager wardrobe in the future.

    Sweet tobacco it is, but without the sour note that tobacco can have. It reminds me of vanilla tobacco. I smoke a pipe sometimes and vanilla flavored is my favorite. I also happen have a large beautiful hookah from Egypt and I enjoy smoking fruit or jasmine flavored shisha. I think this might be too sweet for me, but it's scrumptious nonetheless. I tied layering with Oude: made it even more decadent.

    Too many choices again. I think I'm going with Kama for now since I'm such a musk fan.
    Anyone else have a favorite from Ava?


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    Default Re: More Ava Luxe: Kama Xtreme, Fumari, Oude and Shisha

    I know very little about this line, but a fellow generous Basenoter sent me tons of Ava Luxe samples with a swap.

    Just tried Absinthe tonite. Very splendid fragrance. Medicinal, strong and a little off-putting (do people want to smell anise, eucalyptus and lilac when I enter a room..?) but I can't help thinking this might smell exhilarating on a hot day (we have lots of hot days in Miami).

    I want more Ava Luxe samples and I'm heading over to the website now!

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