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    Talking Beannachta na File Pdraig oraibh!

    Happy St. Patrick's Day everybody. Hope you're all wearing your Green Irish Tweed, Sir Irisch Moos, Green Water, Green Valley, Nine Flags: Ireland -Green Moss or M&B's green, green, green and green etc. pp.

    I'm celebratin' at home with German Porter and Lagavulin, but at least I'm playin' my old Oisin&Planxty records

    One, two...
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    Default Re: Beannachta na File Pdraig oraibh!

    Happy St. Patrics day to you too T_G_L. I'm wearing a GITish frag today....Kiton Men Is it oakmoss that the two frags share? I never thought I'd come close to wearing it again, but Kiton does it well...whatever it is.


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    I celebrate by watching episodes of "Shameless" which feature the Maguire family...
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    I celebrated with a limited edition Guinness flavoured Marmite on toast. Heaven. (Wore Dzing, which is not at all Irish, but I figure that St Patrick would have approved of circuses...)

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