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    Default Thoughts from a Guerlain week

    Any other men participate in this? I thought we could have our own thread to share our thoughts on the mens frags we wore.

    Well Les Eaux have been sending me off to sleep every night with the feeling of drifting away with a gentle spring breeze under the shade of the lemon or orange trees, possibly on Crete.

    I didn't stick to the predetermined days for frag types as I had to make the frags fit in with what I was up to on different days.

    During the days I wore -

    Vintage Vetiver EDT- while this is definitely better for me than the new formulation, I just can't get away from the tobacco note which I really don't like. It smells ashtray to me. I love the early notes, the fresh citrus and vetiver and pepper, but they are ruined by the arrival of the extremely persistent base. This base does hold onto the fresh notes better in the old incarnation than the new though, which makes it slightly more tolerable. This frag only works for me when I am living outside. I will take my bottle when I take my sons camping later in the year.

    Vintage Habit Rouge EDT- Very fine stuff. Why do I not wear more habit rouge? The early citrus blends into the vanilla and leatheriness and prominent "guerlainade" to create a unique, persistent, slightly risque accord which defines the quality of this house in my mind. It is from time gone by but always relevant.

    L'Instant EDP - I like this very much and the drydown is divine. I wonder if the top lacks a little of the "cool" distinctiveness of the EDT though. The middle and base seem dominated by the cocoa to me, which is no bad thing. A very good frag, maybe not quite in the same league as habit rouge and heritage though.

    Vintage Heritage EDT, Modern EDT and EDP. - On various body parts I sprayed these so I could get close comparison. Conclusions are that Heritage is fantastic in all variations. The EDTs are really quite different. The old one has a lighter corriander note, and a bigger guerlainade which ties it closely to habit rouge. It develops and projects better too. The EDP is beautiful. It endures amazingly well and sits in the background a little more than the edts. I have written my thoughts on these elsewhere in more depth so I will not go on here.....

    Coriolan -
    An interesting chypre, I enjoyed the lemon bark note and the bitter juniper. The guerlain house note blended in beautifully with these and the balance is outstanding. It is not R de Capucci though....
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