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    Cool Crown smaple vials question

    I saw the thread about the offer for 50 x 1.5ml Crown samples for 1.90 the other day and ordered them. I recieved the samples of Crown Imperial, Town & Country and Eau de Quinine - 50 of each, what an offer!

    The date on the packaging was 1998 and i was wondering if the fragrances will still be ok? I have never tried any Crown fragrances and so i have nothing to comapre them with.

    If anyone else more farmiliar with the frags has ordered them i would appreciate any comments.

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    Default Re: Crown smaple vials question

    My guess is like with just about anything else, it depends on what the conditions the samples were stored in. Your question is like asking a fish how it likes flying. I would just open the samples and start sniffing. If you like the got a good deal. If you don't...sell them on ebay

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