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    Question Ladies, I need your input, please..

    As my name indicates, I am a male, but I need some recommendations for a good perfume (niche fragrance recs are fine) to give as a graduation gift to a young lady graduating from high school. She is a lovely girl without the least bit of snobbery or "Valley Girl" thing going on. Slim, with dark hair and eyes, and - I might add - not the least bit pretentious. Her home life is less than perfect, but she's allowed herself to be molded correctly, rather than giving in to peer pressure and all that goes with it. I've learned over the years to value the opinion of ladies regarding these sorts of things, so I'm asking for any opinions at all. I really couldn't tell you what her preferences are, but there's always safety in numbers, so let me know what you think. Thanks!

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    Smile Re: Ladies, I need your input, please..

    offering perfume to someone you hardly know in terms of preferences can be tricky but on the other hand, it 's very special and would mean a lot to her wether she loves it or not.

    bc of her social context she seems mature for her age and independant, definitely avoid commercial fruity florals, she sounds more like a young lady who would rather appreciate a feminine Serge Lutens scent like Fleurs d 'Oranger, Douce Amere or the latest Rousse.

    all the best!
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    Default Re: Ladies, I need your input, please..

    Considering the situation, your not knowing her preferences etc, I would go for something classic and light. For an unpretentious but special girl I think Fidji by Guy Laroche is a good choice.

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    Default Re: Ladies, I need your input, please..

    Gosh, Mike - this is a toughie. Without knowing where you live (therefore what your availabilities are - 'cause sometimes a gift certificate or samples from a favorite department store are a good way to go) your climate, and so forth a difficult task is made more difficult.

    Do you have any idea of what she has worn in the past - or has commented on? Do you have time (seems like school end is galloping down on us!) to collect samples from sources like LuckyScent, or Fragrant Fripperies that you could put together as a "bouquet" and let her make her own choices?

    (Think I've made more problems than I've solved!! Sorry!! :bounce: But I'm real close with my daughters and daughters-in-law and wouldn't presume to buy an untried-by-them frag for them. My D-in-L loved Tommy Girl on me - it is light and fresh and very modern - I gave it to her and it smelled awful on her and she hated it! And we are both Gemini!! But she is 32 and I am 77. So you see....)

    Let us know more.....
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    Default Re: Ladies, I need your input, please..

    Hi, Mike --

    Because scent *is* such a personal thing, I echo the earlier suggestions of giving her a bouquet of samples if it's possible... and then include a card that promises a bottle of her favorite once she's tried them out.

    You could either give her a selection of very different fragrances from the same house (Serge Lutens, Diptyque, Guerlain, and Penhaligon's come to mind in particular as houses that have a pretty wide choice in their fragrances, though of course there are also elements that MAKE them common to the house as well), or you could give her a taste of all that wildness out there by giving her samples from different houses.

    Lucky Scent , Beauty Habit and all have very nice sample programs for niche scents, and Perfume Emporium has both a "gift finder" and a mini-of-the-month club that do a nice job with some of the more readily available fragrances.

    Good luck!
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    Default Re: Ladies, I need your input, please..

    in spite of how much I like immediate gratification I would have to agree with the samples. My teenage daughters like Pink Sugar, Angel, Princess and the CSP frags. I on the other hand liked Chanel No. 19, Chanel No. 22, YSL Rive Gauche, and Bellodgia when I was that age. I guess you have to know your gift recipient well to chose appropriately.

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    Wink Re: Ladies, I need your input, please..

    If I were you, I would get a gift certificate to Sephora's or some store that has a fabulous selection in perfumes. My Dad, (when he was nice to me), used to get me a gift cert to Lord & Taylor's every year, and I loved it. If you don't want to spend alot of money, and she is young, she might like a gift cert to Bath & Bodyworks or Victoria's Secret, they have scents geared more to girls or younger women. Good Luck...

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    Default Re: Ladies, I need your input, please..

    Take her to the nearest Chanel outlet and get her to pick out the one she likes best!

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    Default Re: Ladies, I need your input, please..

    What about Cristobal Balenciaga or Roma Biagotti, they are sophisticated but also with a youthful feel.

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