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    I am really having trouble finding something with longevity of more than a couple of hours. Any suggestions out there? Thanks.

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    One suggestion is to spray your clothing. People say that there is a possibility of staining with the colognes that have color but I've sprayed my white shirts with every color cologne and never seen a stain.

    Another suggestion is to put lotion on your body before you apply. I have heard that helps a little but I don't really know how. I've tried it and havn't noticed much of a difference but give it a shot.

    Welcome by the way!

    Those are my suggestions. If a cologne is weak then you mostly just have to deal with it...

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    Even colognes like A*men and M7 don't last on me but thanks for the tips

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    One thing you have to be aware of is fragrance fatigue. Not that you are getting tired of fragrances but that after smelling the same smell for a while your sense of smell starts to ignore that scent. Because of this it is REALLY hard to judge for yourself if the scent is still there. I know that I've received complements on fragrances that I've been wearing long after I though they were long gone. So I would suggest that you get feedback from a friend as to find out if a fragrance is still there or not.

    It is also a very good idea to get feedback on how much you spray. It is VERY easy to over apply based on what you smell.
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    Thanks for the tips. I like your Oscar Wilde quote. Very fitting

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    Isnīt spraying your clothing a big no-no? Iīve got the experience that it stinks more than it smells when doing that. I also have problems removing the perfume afterwards.

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