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    Default Proper storage for pure parfum

    I recently purchased a few half ounce bottles of Chanel No. 22 and Gardenia pure Parfum as it will no longer be manufactured (just 200ml exclusifs EDT). I think I bought all remaining stock from the Chanel Boutique actually! Anyway, I need to know how I should store this parfum. I have placed it in the basement which is cool and dark, however in the winter time the basement gets really cold, maybe 6 degrees. Is this too cold?

    Anyone have parfums for many, many years that are still perfect? How long can I expect these treasures to stay fresh. I am hoping a lifetime.

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    Default Re: Proper storage for pure parfum

    Welcome Chanellove!! :bounce:

    Any cool, dark place - but not below, say, 45F.

    There are many long-time BaseNoters here who have shared about keeping their treasures for long periods of time - some good experiences, some bad. Seems to be a crap shoot! Consensus is keep 'em in a dry cool place away from light and wear the bejesus out of them when at all possible!!

    Look forward to hearing more from you! :bounce:
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