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    Exclamation Things to consider when purchasing colognes

    I decided after my many returns of colognes and testing practically all the colognes in retail stores such as Macy's, I want to make just a few tips to consider before you buy the cologne you want.

    1. Test the cologne on your skin! If you live near the store, or frequently go there, just spray 2 of the "best" colognes to your smell on. One on each wrist. Then spend the day at the mall or just wait about 3 hours or longer (depending on how long YOU expect your cologne to last) and smell the wrists.

    A. Which one smells best on you.

    B. Which one has best longevity on you.

    C. Which one stood out the most as your day went by

    2. Check with the designer through email to ask about their dating system. Find out where on the bottle or box you can determine the date the cologne was manufactured. This way, when you are actually about to purchase the one you want, you can check to make sure it isn't more than 2-3 years old.

    3. Buy the bottles that are in a SEALED box, if possible. This is for these reasons:

    A. You don't want a previously squirted bottle. Sales people do this sometimes... I have seen them do it before. I notice some bottles on display (not testers!) look slightly less full than others..odd.

    B. You don't want a bottle that has been sitting outside of it's box in the display case under those lights for many months or even years.

    C. You want the bottle to be in as best condition as possible. No scratches.

    4. Get the biggest bottle. If you love the scent, save your money now and just get the bigger bottle. Most times, it's only about 15-20 dollars more for double the amount. It's worth it if you plan on using it up fast.

    5. To get the gift set or not to get the gift set?

    A. Do you plan on using the body wash /deodorant?

    B. Do you want to try them out?

    C. Do you think you MIGHT want to try out matching doeodrants, body wash, after shave, ect?

    -If you answered yes to at least 2 of those, I say go ahead and get the gift set. I bought a bottle of cologne one time by itself for 50 and could have gotten the 70 dollar giftset with deodorant and bodywash. I didn't plan on buying them, but I always wondered how layering would be. Too bad I decided weeks later I loved the idea of matching products. I ended up spending 18 for the deodorant, and 20 for the body wash = about $40. I could have saved about 20 dollars and also could have gotten the bag with it.

    6. To be continued.

    I hope my advice helps your purchase be best as possible with no regrets. I wish I would have known these things earlier to save me returning over 6 colognes!

    Any comments or suggestions are welcome for this guide!

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    Default Re: Things to consider when purchasing colognes

    7. Find a reliable internet source to make your purchases from because you will find your fragrances for much less money. You will pay retail in the stores and it is not worth paying that price.

    A. Consider the gift set because they usually don't sell those online, but bottles purchases are cheaper.
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    Default Re: Things to consider when purchasing colognes

    I would also recommend that you develop a master plan for your fragrance wardrobe. If you don't, you may end up with several summer fragrances and no winter fragrances or a lot of evening fragrances and no day fragrances.

    Other then that you have very good recommendations!
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