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    I`ve been wanting to try the range of fragrances from Hugh Parsons for a while now.I cannot find any seller of these in UK.Does anyone know where they can be sampled.Shop or online?Is there a store in London that sells them.
    Thank you.
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    Default Re: Hugh Parsons

    this stuff is hard to find in the UK on the web.

    still trying

    where's Hirch?
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    Well, now that doesn't make any sense, does it?!

    I would hope and expect that "Hugh Parsons 99 Regent Street, London" could be obtained at 99 Regent Street in London!

    Sorry, can't help you from this side of the pond, but keep searching; they're worth the effort! I've tried Blue and Yellow, and I own Blue.
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    Have you tried doing a search in the "for sale" forum? I know of at least one page with 99 Regent Street for sale

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    Aren't they a British house

    Keep looking. Traditional and 99 Regent Street are both well worth owning!

    I understand that there is an Indian restaurant at the actual 99 Regent Street address

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