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Thread: I need roses!

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    Smile I need roses!

    I was in the mood for a big, fat rose perfume this morning. The problem is, I don't own one (well, aside from Rose Angel, which is a little more gourmand than I felt like today)! Obviously, I must fill this aching void in my wardrobe, but there are so many roses out there I thought I'd ask for some recommendations.
    Here are my criteria:

    Firstly, I'm London-based, which means I can go try most niche brands (Lutens, Malle, Goutal, AP, Creed and so forth), but I can't get Montale, Ava Lux or Ayala Moriel unless I send abroad for samples. So I'll rule those out for now.

    Second, nothing delicate. My skin chemistry is aggressive and will destroy anything light. I have the kind of skin that can take loud perfumes like Poison and Angel but will annihilate most florals. For that reason, an EDT isn't going to cut it.

    Thirdly, I hate violet so any violet-rose combos are out.

    Fourthly, I don't get on with many musks. Some I can tolerate, but others make me feel either nauseous or as though I'm being suffocated.

    Two I have in mind to try are SL Sa Majestie la Rose and FM Une Rose. Any other suggestions?

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    Default Re: I need roses!

    is a Czech & Speake near buy?

    #88 is a male scent supposedly, I think it's unisex and I love it

    hope this helps

    also the Body Shop is supposed to have some really good scents at very reasonable prices
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    Default Re: I need roses!

    Some big fat rose perfumes I advice you to try are:
    Patou Joy
    Malle Une Rose
    Diptyque L'Ombre dans l'eau
    Czech&Speake Dark Rose
    YSL Paris
    Guerlain Mahora

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    Default Re: I need roses!

    I don't get any roses from Paris - it smells like someone stuffed two parma violet sweets up my nose. Yuck. Seriously, if something has violet in it, that's all I'll get from it.

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    Default Re: I need roses!

    I think you may love Sa Majeste la Rose, I am enchanted by it.
    Voleur de Rose has a strong patchouli note along with the rose which gives it a bite.
    "Like a lobster with a pearl in its claw, the beet held the jasmine firmly without crushing or obscuring it. Beet lifted jasmine, the way a bullnecked partner lifts a ballerina, and the pair came on stage on citron's fluty cue. As if jasmine were a collection of beautiful paintings, beet hung it in the galleries of the nose, insured it against fire or theft, threw a party to celebrate it. Citron mailed the invitations." Jitterbug Perfume by Tom Robbins p. 189

    What I am loving right now: Shalimar vintage extrait, Chanel Bois des Iles, Chanel no. 22, Le Labo Iris 39, Guerlain Iris Ganache

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    Default Re: I need roses!

    Have you tried either Agent Provocateur or La Perla?

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    Default Re: I need roses!

    Parfums de Rosine are a rose-lover's paradise. I particularly love the lemony-yellow Une Zeste de Rose. They are based in France so I think you'd be able to get them. They are the highest quality rose perfumes I have smelled, and remind me acutely of my grandmother's (now lost) rose garden.

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    Default Re: I need roses!

    La Rose de Rosine and other fragrances from Parfums Rosine smell differently yet of roses and very much worth further exploration. Hope the line is available where you are.

    Have you tried YSL Paris limited editions? Premier Roses, Enchantees, Verges, etc?

    L'Artisan Voleur de Roses may be what you are looking for.

    Sorry, have not seen the two replies before this!

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    Default Re: I need roses!

    Rosine is available at liberty, regent street. They have the full range.
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    Default Re: I need roses!

    Crown's Marechale (original) is a beautiful (greenish, teaish) rose. You can get vials for zilch at

    Via Verri by Etro is little talked about but quite beautiful IMO.

    Not pure rose, but fantastic compositions:
    Parfum Sacré by Caron (rose - incense)
    Ambre Canelle: This is one whopper of a perfume, so overpowering I can't wear it, so it might suit you. It is amber and cinnamon, of course, but the rose in the middle notes really comes out quite strong on me.
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    Default Re: I need roses!

    ....and (I got this from RTamara41) underlay everything with Weleda Wild Rose Body Oil! :bounce: (Available online from a variety of sources.)
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    Default Re: I need roses!

    One of my favorite roses is Evelyn by Crabtree and Evelyn. It's a big, pure rose musk to speak of, and definitely not delicate (like, say, some of the Goutals are). Good luck on your rose quest!

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    Default Re: I need roses!

    Have you ever tried Westwood's Anglomania? A beautiful oriental rose scent - in Germany it seems to be discontinued now, on sale everywhere :0(

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    Default Re: I need roses!

    No.88 (Czech & Speake) - Has always been marketed as unisex
    Opôné (Diptyque)
    Voleur de Roses (L'Artisan)
    Black Aoud (Montale)
    Une Rose (Editions Parfums)
    Sa Majeste La Rose (Lutens)
    Rose Absolue EDP (Goutal)
    Rose Poivrée (Different Co)
    4 Reines EDP (L'Occitane)
    Tea Rose (Perfumer's Workshop)
    Nahema (Guerlain)
    Parfum Sacre (Caron)
    Agent Provocateur
    Nuit de Noël

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    Default Re: I need roses!

    Thanks for the suggestions, I will definitely check some of those out. Les Senteurs do the Rosine line and are generous with the samples so that was my first port of call.

    As for Agent Provocateur, I find it utterly disgusting. It smells like soiled undergarments. *shudders*

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    Default Re: I need roses!

    How about Jo Malone's rose frag (I forget what it's called, sorry!! It's the only rose one so it shouldn't be hard to find). I've never smelled it but a lot of people say it's uncannily just like a big bunch of fresh-picked roses.

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    In the Rosines, I have Un Zeste de Rose, which smells like the Tropicana roses in my garden. And I have Une Folie de Rose, which is the most feminine rose + patchouli I have smelled. I also liked Poussiere de Rose, which had some dried fruit and was quite stunning.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ozkat View Post
    How about Jo Malone's rose frag (I forget what it's called, sorry!! It's the only rose one so it shouldn't be hard to find). I've never smelled it but a lot of people say it's uncannily just like a big bunch of fresh-picked roses.
    Jo Malone's cologne is called Red Roses. I have it and it is very nice. Sometimes I use the Red Roses with Pomegranate Noir for an outstanding combination. I have the RR body lotion too which I sometimes use below JoMalone Tuberose.

    I can heartily recommend the Caron Perfum Sacree. I'm wearing it today and the rose notes are sensational. It gives a really warm glow.

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    Default Re: I need roses!

    I, like yourself, need my perfumes to be deep, rich and bold for the scent to make any real impression against my aggressive skin chemistry. I tend to adore roses in summer so have a few 'big rose' favourites that may work for you too:

    Crabtree & Evelyn Evelyn Eau de Parfum
    Guerlain Nahema parfum
    Body Shop Tea Rose perfume oil
    Montale Aoud Rose Petals (Black Aoud is a more complex rose blend)
    Perfumers Workshop Tea Rose (a little goes a long, long way)
    Crabtree & Evelyn Rosewater Eau Fraiche - this is a wonderful 'pink roses', sheer rose scent that is light enough to use as an all over body spray. Great in summer / warmer weather for an all over true rose scent without overpowering all.
    Woods of Windsor True Rose Eau de Parfum
    Jo Malone Red Roses bath oil (the cologne is very fleeting unless layered with other products / scents)

    For extra longevity I would advise you to layer your rose scented products. When I am in the mood for rose I tend to use my Jo Malone Red Roses bath oil and Woods of Windsor True Rose showergel, followed by Body Shop rich Rose body lotion. This way I end up smelling like a wonderful, huge bouquet of scented roses. In summer I often don't need to add a perfume.
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    Default Re: I need roses!

    Stella McCartney Stella Rose Absolute.
    My favourite Rose.

    Seconding TBS Tea Rose oil for a wet red rosea after a summer rain shower.

    Anna Sui (classic one).
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    Default Re: I need roses!

    I love the Rosines line: Rose Flamenca is a favorite.

    If you're looking for an "in your face" rose, certainly the Floris ones qualify. Nahema is a serious rose scent too.

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    Default Re: I need roses!

    I am intersted to sample the Montales range - the Black Aoud sounds especially interesting - but their web site offers no samples. Where are people getting samples from? Is there an American equivalent of Les Senteurs?

    Edit: Ah, I see from another site (Now Smell This) that I should just contact Monatales' email address and ask for samples. I may be outside their postal limit in the UK, but it is worth a try. I think I'm a bit too timid about asking for samples unless it is signposted.
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    Smile Re: I need roses!

    Rose de Nuit by Serge Lutens is a stunning sensual mysterious oriental chypre rose that seems to come straight from Pasolini's film "Il fiore delle mille e una notte" (Arabian Nights)

    Rose Barbare by Guerlain a contemporary reinterpretation of Guerlain's 1919 Mitsouko olfactory chypre structure and its rare and most precious $2,600-a-pound Turkish rose absolute is enigmatic, addictive, captivating while being extremely fun, breezy, sexy, creative, passionate, confident, feminine and modern

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    Default Re: I need roses!

    After sampling many rose scents, I've found my HG. It's Creed's Fleur de the Rose Bulgare. To me, it's perfection and it lasts a very long time.

    Dragonfly Scent Me has a wonderful set of rose samples on ebay. I couldn't have been happier with them.

    Good luck in your search

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    Default Re: I need roses!

    Annick Goutal's Ce Soir ou Jamais

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    Quote Originally Posted by roses4me View Post
    After sampling many rose scents, I've found my HG. It's Creed's Fleur de the Rose Bulgare. To me, it's perfection and it lasts a very long time.
    I know Fleur de The Rose Bulgare by Creed is loved by many rose lovers into true rose scents. On me it 's very harsh, musty, a one note rose that totally misses the velvety quality of rose.

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    Default Re: I need roses!

    I know Aveda had an essential oil called Absolute Rose. They have what are called "custom blends" which takes various products such as shampoo, conditioner, body lotion etc...and you add your favorite scent to it. I know they also have a "pure-fume" base and you can add the rose oil to it thus making a custom perfume for yourself.

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    Default Re: I need roses!

    Indiscreet, since you're London-based, you're just a hop away from Ormonde Jayne, so you might want to sample her Ta'if (pink pepper, saffron, dates, rose, freesia, orange blossom, jasmine, broom, and amber). Give it time and it will morph into a deep, slightly smoky rose-amber scent.
    And UK-based online shop "the apothecary's cat" carries a good selection of Ava Luxe fragrances
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    Default Re: I need roses!

    Quote Originally Posted by Lady_in_Black View Post
    And UK-based online shop "the apothecary's cat" carries a good selection of Ava Luxe fragrances
    I actually find that it is more economical to order direct from the Ava Luxe site, especially now that she takes international orders through the site. There is a note / link at the top of the front page. HTH
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    Default Re: I need roses!

    I spent yesterday in Montale Aoud Rose Petals. It really is a va-va-va-voom, bang-boom kind of rose. I love it. Try that one along with Black Aoud. I find it to be the more feminine of the two because it has more rose.

    Another good pair of Montale roses to try are Aoud Queen Rose and Attar, which are spicy roses, the first (again) has more rose and the second has less.

    Two vendors of Montale are Suravionline, by fellow Basenoter, Maisonstinky. Also in New York.

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    Talking Re: I need roses!

    there are so many how about Valentino Rock N Rose?Go to one of the sites like Sephora or Scentiments and put in rose and I think many fragrances will come up and good luck

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    Default Re: I need roses!

    Noone has mentioned the BIGGEST FATTEST rose scent I've ever smelled: A.maze by People of the Labyrinths

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    Talking Re: I need roses!

    I also like rose scents - but I am not particular to 'green' rose if that makes sense. To me Creed 'Fleur de The Rose Bulgare' is a green scent - like Bvlgari Femme. 'Rose Essentielle' is also nice - but a 'green' rose - IMHO.

    I second Nahema by Guerlain as a really nice, creamy rose.

    I like rose scents with a bit of depth - patchouli, vanilla or Amber. I have also bought some great samples of Dragon Fly Scent Me. That is your best bet.

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    The ONLY rose scent i have EVER been able to get along with is Vera Wangs newest scent Truly Pink. It is an absolutely GORGEOUS rose scent. It doesnt turn powderey, mildewey, or moldy. Just pure and complete flowers.

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    Default Re: I need roses!

    I've sampled a lot of rose perfumes, mostly in the soliflore variety. I haven't gotten a sample of A.maze yet, but considering my obsession, I certainly will.

    SL Sa Mageste was a big fat dissappointment. Ditto LV Donna. Jo Malone's Red Roses is vastly overpriced for simple and fleeting. Guerlain's AA Rose Magnifica is just too too light and watery for a flower aleady soft.

    The Rosines are very nice, and I ditto the Un Zeste. Flamenca I could take or leave. I don't own any of them, largely because I'm overwhelmed with the vastness of choice. Un Zeste is on my wish for someday....

    'Best' is a very subjective term. The truest to petal I own is the parfum I ordered from Bulgaria. It's soft, fresh, moist with the barest hint of citrus and green and spice. I clost my eyes and don't even see a whole blosson--just one petal. Being a parfum it sprays on oily and lasts a good four hours, which is very good for true florals. I got on some website I don't recall, something like shop bulgaria . com.

    Your own country produces my personal favorite of all my roses-- Elisabethan Rose. It is a strong but young white rose, with a zippy citrus top. It is also very lasting, in that when I wake up the next morning I can still smell it as a very true rose, and invariably spray it again for the morning.

    Another favorite is Fleur de The Rose Bulgare. It's an amazing thing, deep red and resting on ambergris, lasting about 6 hours or more. I have to say, I usually layer it, and with good effect, with any fragrance whose rose note I'd like to pump up. Most notable is Fumerie Turque and FdTRB, which combination is unusally agressive for me, and makes my boyfriend quite edgy at this point. I'm pretty sensitive to ambergris, and not in a happy glad to see you come again kind of way. The ambergris here seems to 'fit', and it's my rose of winter, standing in heavy satin. I agree, it's not velvet--ambergris is too stiff a backbone for velvet, and I agree it is a one trick pony with the rose accord--but it's an amazing big fat trick.

    Shiseido Rosarium is hard to beat for a full round rose soliflore. The Rose Royale is centiflora rose and is lighter and cleaner--great for me to own and experience, but I'd not recommend it for someone's holy grail of roses.

    My Attar Bazaars are Sudenese Black Rose--it's a stunner. Honeyed to perfection with deep earthy spices. It's to die for until an hour in, when it develops a touch of soap that make me gnash my teeth. But that's just me. Maybe others wait for the 'clean' note with bated breath as a contrast. Their Nur Jehan Rose is sweetened with sugar, and powdered.

    I'll ramble on more, if your still with me, about Nahema. It's got more going on than simple rose. A bit of hyacinth up top, a smoldering rose that is well supported by a warm and soft vanilla/tonka and braced with a wonderful balsam. Very smooth and sexy. Highly recommend this one! Be sure to get EdP--it's deeper and more complex. I'm waiting on a parfum tester myself, so can't comment on the parfum, yet.

    (From Les Parfums de Rosine-
    Rose de Feu is an exquisitely sensual, woody, spicy, and slightly sweet fragrance. The notes include rose, ylang-ylang, orange, cardomom, honey, cinnamon, jasmine, white musk, sandalwood, patchouli, and vanilla.

    I clipped the above from fishbone fragrances on ebay, where I ordered a sample. She says it's their newest, and since I've been on an intense vanilla patchouli kick, I have high hopes!

    Fresh Bulgarian Rose and Evelyn are fine, but very simple single note things that last just a couple of hours. I spray these after my goodnight shower. I also second the Waleda Wild Rose body oil.

    Jazztweety here on basenotes has a rose fragrance that has received RAVES. I keep meaning to get a bottle myself! She sends samples, too.

    The beauty of all these suggestions is that with lots of samples, you can probable get through the entire spring without buying a whole bottle!

    Oh, and Caron Rose is on my to test list as well, because it lists mint and vetiver in the heart notes and that seems pretty kick-a$$ to me.
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    Default Re: I need roses!

    Shycat, thanks bunches for the long and very informative post about roses. I am jotting some things down, and my "To Try" list is growing. In the meantime, I remember the Bulgarian rose fragrance you are talking about -- it used to come as oil, in a cute wooden case and was oh! so good!

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    Default Re: I need roses!

    You might want to read this:
    RHM's Vintage, Rare & Pretty Darn Good items on offer:

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    Default Re: I need roses!

    Some great posts here - I've also spoken to Jazztweety about sampling some of her lovely scents.
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    Default Re: I need roses!

    Great link, RHM.
    Tons of rose perfume reviews and ramblings.

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    Default Re: I need roses!

    What about that VeryI. Sensual eau de Parfum?
    Montale's Aoud Roses
    Malle's Une Rose
    S-perfume 100%Love
    Rosine's Rosa Flamenca
    Caron's Nuit de Noël
    parfums grès Cabaret
    lutens's Sa majesté la Rose (on your list of "to try" i see)
    joe malone's Red Roses
    Yardley's Red roses

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