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    Default StriVectrin - worth the hype?

    A year ago I had laser eye surgery so I could ditch the glasses. I'm really happy with the results, but there's a downside. Perhaps it's because when I look in the mirror these days I see myself in perfect focus, or perhaps it's because I no longer have my under eye area partially obscured by lenses, but I've noticed a marked deterioration in the skin below my eyes. It's thinner and crepier than it was, and there's some faint brownish pigmentation (sun damage probably). Whilst there are no bad lines or bagging yet, I'm not anxious for it to get any worse.
    I've read a lot of hype about StriVectin under eye cream and wondered if it actually delivered on its promise. It's very expensive so I'm not anxious to blow a lot of cash on something that doesn't work.
    Anyone here tried it?

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    Default Re: StriVectrin - worth the hype?

    Quote Originally Posted by Indiscreet View Post
    Anyone here tried it?

    Quote Originally Posted by Indiscreet View Post
    Worth the hype?

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    Default Re: StriVectrin - worth the hype?

    Paula Begoun The cosmetic cop has done a piece on this in her latest bulletin.

    She says its just an ordinary cream with SPF!!!
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    Wink Re: StriVectrin - worth the hype?

    Hi Indiscreet,

    I never tried Strivectin, but I never read good reviews of that stuff.

    It is of sure overpriced. I know anyway your problem, and I think this is sun and light damage on a very delicate skin area, which was protected by the glasses until the operation. Now this skin area is much more prone to get damages from the sun. I'd go with an eye cream with high SPF covering also the UVA rays in the morning, and a good moisturizing cream for the evening.

    As far as myself, I don't use eye creams but a normal sun protecting cream on the whole face after shaving, and now the "problem" is barely noticeable.

    Cheers and happy Easter!

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    Default Re: StriVectrin - worth the hype?

    I tried it for six weeks when it first came out and it didn't do anything for me me. My favorite eye care products right now are from Santa Maria Novella - they have a lovely oil for nighttime use and a fluid for day wear.
    ReVive also has two great eye care products, and they can be layered over each other. You can get samples at one of their counters....most Saks and Neiman Marcus carry ReVive. If you aren't near a place that has ReVive, you can get their phone number from their website and call them to ask for samples. Definitely sample first though. It's sort of pricey to just buy it if it doesn't work really well for you.
    If you want to try something more affordable, this line of skin care is an outstanding value:
    And ALWAYS, indoors and out, wear sunblock over your skin care products.
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    Default Re: StriVectrin - worth the hype?

    I'm in the UK so we don't have those stores here although there are plenty of others, all boasting the latest in high tech skincare. So as you can imagine, it's difficult knowing which one actually works, if any! I'll give the StriVectin a miss. I'm not using any special eye cream currently - I just use Clinique Repairwear day and night and use a bit of that on the eye area as well. My complection looks pretty good since I started using it (though that could also be because I cut out wheat!)

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