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    Default Chanel fake? Opinions please

    Yesterday I purchased a half ounce bottle of Chanel No. 22 parfum at an independent perfume shop which stocks hard to find perfumes. The packaging is different from my most recent parfum purchased in that there is no membrane around the top of the stopper and bottle. There is an uncut cord though as on my last bottle purchased from the Chanel boutique. This bottle has an inside and outside box for its packaging as well.

    Did I get a fake? Does Chanel always put a membrane around the top of their bottles? I certainly have never had a bottle without it. Please help.

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    Default Re: Chanel fake? Opinions please

    Does it smell as it should?

    If everything else is as it should be, then it could just be a factory error with no membrane. I actually think they put the little piece of greaseful like paper to stop the glass from the bottle and the stopper rubbing in transit from the factory.

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    Default Re: Chanel fake? Opinions please

    I have not cut the black cord to remove the stopper because if this is not a genuine Chanel product I will be marching it right back to that store. From the outside of the bottle it smells like No. 22, but the packaging and everything is much different from the other parfum I have purchased.

    I sent an email to Chanel yesterday asking if they ever produced parfum without a membrane seal. I will post the response when it comes.
    I received a response from Chanel today. They are requesting that I send them my bottle of parfum and my receipt and they will determine if it is genuine or not. BUT if it's a fake, they will destroy it. I wrote back and told them at this time I have the option of returning it to the store and I would just like to know if Chanel parfum has ever come without a membrane seal. They will not answer that question and want to see the product.

    Anyone know if at one time Chanel Parfum didn't have a membrane seal????? I'm thinking I should maybe take it back to the store just to be on the safe side. It was $190!
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