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    Default Bryant Park - what the ads don't tell you...

    My love for trivia compells me to post trivia upon you, just in case you're interested. Recently, when I was purchasing Park Avenue at Saks, the SA gave me literature about the inspiration of the scent, Bryant Park. Bryant Park is a lovely park now, but the retro design of the bottle seems to aim at taking the wearer to a different era within the many incarnations of the Park. The SA urged me to read the brochure because it's so interesting. It is, indeed, so I thought I'd share some of what was highlighed in the marketing:

    The Park has a fascinating history. It has existed as public land since 1686, and was traversed by George Washington's troups in 1776. It was a potter's field (cemetery for unidentified bodies) in the early 1800s and during the Civil War, the army held militia drills there. The park was the site of the Crystal Palace Exhibition at the World's Fair in 1853. In 1884 the park was named Bryant Park in honor of William Cullen Bryant, the civic reformer. There's a lot more...
    I think it's great that the Bond SA shared NY's history, rather than push Bryant Park as only the scent of Fashion Week and WiFi.

    And the Bryant Park fragrance is awfully appealing...unique and full of personality; but its scent doesn't necessarily connote current fashion. It's more like the timeless fashion of coy prettiness.

    Your trivia for the day is brought to you by Tovah, who has a beastly headache, but refuses to lie down until she is finished with this post.

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    Default Re: Bryant Park - what the ads don't tell you...

    That was interesting Tovah, thank you! Hope you feel better a.s.a.p!

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    Default Re: Bryant Park - what the ads don't tell you...

    What a great idea to post. I love finding out more about history and how we got to be here. Thanks Tova!
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    Talking Re: Bryant Park - what the ads don't tell you...

    Hi thanks, love Bryant Park and the bottle is pretty even tho it is a sticker not painting on West Side and Bryant Park. Chinatown is a real bottle, Love Bryant Park and thanks for the info and do feel better.

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    Default Re: Bryant Park - what the ads don't tell you...

    interesting...thanks for sharing...and, yes, it's nice that the SA shared the info with you, rather than just push the fragrance on you

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    Default Re: Bryant Park - what the ads don't tell you...

    Bless you girl, that was/is great! (Healing vibes are emanating from South Carolina! )

    I left my native New York in 1980 and in subsequent trips haven't made the trip to the refurbished Bryant Part (other than Project Runway!!)

    Thanks so much to you and the really good SA who put you on to the site.

    Chinatown Addict.
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    Default Re: Bryant Park - what the ads don't tell you...

    Thanks for sharing Tovah. I especially love to hear the stories or inspiration behind the fragrances. It's a real bonus and adds to the allure.
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