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    Default Azuree - what the foosh is that note?

    So then - Azuree. It's pretty hard to find here in the UK, but I'd loved it when trying it instore, so I bought a bottle last month. I'm still loving it...but what the hell is that *meaty* middle/bottom note? In a less charitable moment I might call it muttony...thankfully, it passes after a while (at least enough that I can enjoy the perfume) and I'm just left with a great chypre.

    It's not just my bottle, incidentally; this has happened every time I've tested it in shops, and a friend experiences the same thing (to a degree that she can't actually wear the perfume). I assume not everyone gets this gamey, fatty, meat note, or nobody would be buying the fragrance! I don't recognise it as being civet...any ideas what it is?

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    Default Re: Azuree - what the foosh is that note?

    Champaca flower notes smell 'meaty' to me...they're in Guerilla 1 by Comme de Garcons, and to me it smells like a butcher shop. Could it be this?

    Haven't smelled Azuree in a LONG TIME...will have to sniff next time I'm at an Estee Lauder counter.

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