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    Default Habit Rouge EDT Legere

    I just want to know how close this Light EDT version is to Habit Rouge EDC, since I can't find it here. What about its lasting power?

    Anyway I think I like better EDT Legere then regular EDT.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Default Re: Habit Rouge EDT Legere

    Now there's a 'light' version is there? How many versions are there of this great classic?

    *see my recent topic*

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    Default Re: Habit Rouge EDT Legere

    The light version seems a little bit more synthetic and i don't find it neither fresh nor very pleasant; quite different in deed of the original EdT

    there are now five versions of Habit Rouge: EdP, EdT, EdT light, EdC and deodorant...

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    Default Re: Habit Rouge EDT Legere

    My favorite is the first EDT version. It's very animalic. By the way, how do you say "animalic"? I can't get that one down.

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    Default Re: Habit Rouge EDT Legere

    It is QUITE different!!
    Think of something more modern, brighter, younger, than the original HR, with a shiny metallic, slightly synthetic (- but there's nothing wrong with that!) swathe of neroli and other citrus notes that continue well on into the heart notes and you've got the EDT Legere.
    I suspect it was created to appeal to younger men and if that's the case it's done it's job admirably. It has a lot of sillage, surprisingly so for something that leans so much on the hisperidean.
    It's definitely still Habit Rouge (a taxi driver in Paris recognised it as H R immediately on my way to the airport one afternoon)... but it has a leaner, more impatient feel to it.
    In my opinion if you stand the 4 bottles of Habit Rouge together they would line up this way.

    The original Eau de Cologne stands on its own.
    It is sweet, flirtatious, classy and unique in a white linen monogrammed handkerchief way that really breathes in its own old-worldliness (again.. that's a good thing in my books).

    The EDT stands in between the Legere and the Eau de Parfum as the current classic that everyone knows - the lily-like floral quality of the beast strong against the leather and vanilla notes.
    The Legere is for those more used to Breezers and DJ Tiesto playing in Ibiza Clubs and drinking by the pool in sunshine and who would even go read the latest gossip at
    and the Eau de Parfum stands on the other side of the EDT
    haughty, heavy, intense and passionate.. waiting for the next page to turn in that serious novel you're reading that is really your own life.....!
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    Default Re: Habit Rouge EDT Legere

    It's true that HR EDT legere has a synthetic opening. But then the original scent prevails. I dont find it light. It stays on my skin for a whole day.

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