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    Default Canada Wide-At a store near you, so far.

    I can barely contain myself with the delusion that there is something in this spring's offering that might just be worth buying.

    In the meantime here's the lowdown on new offerings so far.

    @Holt Renfrew
    Encre Noire-Lalique
    Kiton Black
    Dunhill Pursuit

    @The Bay
    Ckidka4lkjklj (whatever) Calvin Klein
    Zenga Intenso
    Ambre Balder-ass-ini (courtesy of Azsmells)
    Summer rash Escada
    Le Male Fleur Jean Paul (not the Pope) Gaultier
    Armani Attitude

    This is just a partial list of what may nor not be on its way. So don't hold your breath.
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    Default Re: Canada Wide-At a store near you, so far.

    Summer rash? How exciting!

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    Default Re: Canada Wide-At a store near you, so far.

    Quote Originally Posted by stuigi View Post
    Summer rash? How exciting!
    Ambre Balder-ass-ini sounds nice too
    Oriscent, AgarAura Pure Ouds, Creed, LIDGE, Patou Pour Homme, tons of niche and rare stuff for sale!!!

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    Default Re: Canada Wide-At a store near you, so far.

    Updated the list but still a load of crap so far!

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