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    Default Can you guys...girls in a purchase??

    This Friday I have to get a cologne and right now I already have Hugo, by Hugo Boss, CK Be, and my Miyake has about 2 months left. I will not get the same cologne again, always trying new colognes.

    I have yet to Hit Roosevelt Field Nordstrom up here on the island, but I will onthe April break to check out those Hugh Parson lines and Terre D' Hermes etc. etc that I cant get here, but over by me they at least have the majority of cologne.

    The choices that I am partial to are: Polo Double Black, Chrome, Boss Selection, and Polo Sport. I really dont like the musky "Smell it across a football field drydown colognes" lol lmao...I guy opens the door in the winter time and a huge breeze comes rushing through and it's like "Whoooaaaa buddy...they can smell that from 100 yards away! " lol Too much.

    I dont think I missed out on any. I internet searched colognes with Pheromones in them and Reality for Men came up. Any good?? I wouldn't mind trying the pheromone colognes if there good.

    Anyway, what do you all think about a first purchase when you already have the scents I have mentioned in the first paragraph. I would think something different than those I guess? CK Be is definately a clean scent, no doubt, Hugo is woodsy to me and strong when I wear it yet its a favorite, and Miyake's on its way out. I'll be left with only 2 soon so I want to get some good stuff indeed.

    Thanks for your input, I appreciate it no doubt.

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    Default Re: Can you guys...girls in a purchase??

    I'm not familiar with Reality for men. By chance did you mean Realm? I've never personally used it but the feedback I've seen says it is not bad but does not have much in the way of Pheromones. If you want to try something with Pheromones in it I would try "Kiss Him (2006) by KISS". From your description of what you like, I feel it would be worth a try.
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    Default Re: Can you guys...girls in a purchase??

    your choices of Chrome and Selection leads me to think you have a thing for "metalic" scents... I have Selection and I have to say it is not one of my faves...

    But judging from your choices... Id say try sniff out Chanel Platinum Egoiste, Ralf Lauren Silver Romance, Bvlgari Extreme...

    these fall into the clean fresh type non offensive stuff...
    let us know what u got in the end.
    Oh you and you are talking about Realm:

    another one with pheromone in the notes is Andron
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    Default Re: Can you guys...girls in a purchase??

    lol...Realm..thats it! lol

    I like Bvlgari extreme when I tried it, nice.

    I'll try those other ones as well.

    My brother actually told listen to American Chopper cologne is actually good! The guys fron the Discovery channel have a cologne out and he says it smells good!

    Sometimes it aint the name's the scent that counts..sort of like buying expensive jeans or shirts when a rugged pair of jeans and a 20 dollar shirt makes it work better for your look. lol

    I'll hit this thread again before I go this friday and check those out.

    Thanks all!

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    Default Re: Can you guys...girls in a purchase??

    squire... in terms of broadening your horizons... if you're looking for a larger stock, I was told the other day that has a retail store in Plainview. I haven't even asked where, I had just ordered from them and was looking into possibly picking it up when I realized they were so local. For what its worth, maybe shoot them an email, check the place out, get to go through some more niche scents and then order it off their website at cheap as shit prices
    wow, my post looked really fake. no i am not associated with them haha, just recommending...
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    Default Re: Can you guys...girls in a purchase??

    the issue..thanks for the post, will check it out! Nice!

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    Default Re: Can you guys...girls in a purchase??

    Yonggoh's suggestions are good ones. Check those out and add Guerlain's Vetiver. You've smelled enough stuff by now that you owe it to yourself to get to know this classic and see if it's for you.
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    Default Re: Can you guys...girls in a purchase??

    Quote Originally Posted by yonggoh View Post

    another one with pheromone in the notes is Andron
    Andron was actually the first cologne to come out with pheromones back in the early 80's. It has long been out of production, since the mid 80's I believe. I've got a bottle that I purchased after it first came out. It is now much sought after and regularly sells on Ebay for about $100 per 30ml. So it makes the Creed products look like good values.

    I really don't think that "The Squire" would like it. It is VERY much a product of its era. You have to be EXTREMELY careful in applying it as it can make a fragrance like Kouros look like a restrained and light fragrance. That being said, properly applied I think it is an exceptional fragrance and worth the $100 per 30ml. It has always been VERY popular with the ladies.
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    Default Re: Can you guys...girls in a purchase??


    Awsome suggestions, thanks guys. I'm going to write down 10 colognes from all of my post answers and go to that and order the test tube samples for like 2.99/ sample.

    I have to go through the posts and see what everyone has said.

    I CAN get Terre D' Hermes from them in a sample form as well. That CREED line is expensive! I didn't realize it until I went on the website and realized NO Samples on this line and I can see why. I'll have to wait till I go to Nordstrom's in Roosevelt Field to check out that and Hugh parson's line as well.

    So far I've gotten suggestions on:

    Vetiver Guerlain, 99 regent street, Traditional, Terre D' Hermes, (M7..? good choice for me?), Geir-Geir ness, Chanel Platinum, Bvlgari Extreme, Silver romance, Kiss Him, and I'd like to try the Creed line..all of them at Nordie's in R. Field

    I already like Polo Double Black, Polo sport, and Boss selection so why waste money testing those out right? I just cannot wear the Farenheit and Joop and the PI Givenchy stuff, ya know? lol Like that old 80's 90's realll strong muskie smelling stuff. I remember Jovan Musk for Men...I had it for years and never used it...I mean Phew! IMHO.

    Thanks guys..I'm off to see whats what and see what 10 I can sample for $30. Better of 30 bucks than a $60 bottle I bought and

    After I've been Polyurethaning my door saddles, my sinuses are poundin' and I cant smell jack shit right now..lmao..I figure 1 week and I'll get those samples, hope to be recovered by


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    Default Re: Can you guys...girls in a purchase??

    I received a tester of Ammunition by Androtics, which is a pheromone-based cologne that I personally didn't like, but the women were alllll over it.

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    Default Re: Can you guys...girls in a purchase??

    Platinum Egoiste 4 life, sir.

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