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Thread: Etro Fragrances

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    Default Etro Fragrances

    I've heard some good things about Sandalo...anybody have thoughts on other Etro offerings?

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    Default Re: Etro Fragrances

    Etso is one of my favourite houses, many of their scents have an interesting musty note that smells like a museum, library or archive, Messe de Minuit (which is my favourite) is the best example of this.

    I also have and love Ambra, Gomma, Heliotrope, Lemon Sorbet, Magot, Palais Jamais, Patchouly, Shaal Nur and Vetiver.
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    Default Re: Etro Fragrances

    My experience with Etro is limited to Sandalo, Via Verri (rose), Mahogany, Patchouli, Anice and samples of Messe and Vetiver.

    Considering the retail price of roughly 80 € (90 for Via Verri), which puts this in the Villoresi price range, I must say, that, while they are not bad, there is usually a superior alternative. These are mostly rather simple constructions intended for personal blending and from that premise I would expect a more serious attempt at smelling natural - many Etros, however, have a synthetic note which can be as irritating as a weld seam on an otherwise smooth surface.

    Floris Sandalwood or Villoresi are both infinitely superior to Etro Sandalo IMHO, which is also too weak.

    Mahogany, loved by others, is a symnthetic wood nightmare for me

    Vetiver pales in comparison to Villoresi

    Patchouli is a good one, and so is Via Verri - though here I would also prefer Parfum Sacré, C&S 88, Voleur, or Maréchale

    The really original one is Messe de Minuit - though you should test wether you enjoy smelling like the ancient library from The Name of the Rose before buying a whole bottle.

    For myself I have decided that other houses are more along my line & I won't be buying anymore ETROs except if I can get them for a song (ladeeda)

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    Exclamation Re: Etro Fragrances

    You are forgotting New Tradition, with to my nose is very nice, one of the very few musk fragrances I can stand. The top notes are hesperidic and very uplifting. Not the most original cologne I've smelt, but I really enjoy it here and now. Unfortunately it seems it isn't appreciated on the fragrance reviews directory. I agree anyway that Etro fragrances are overpriced.

    Cheers. W

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    Default Re: Etro Fragrances

    I smelled some Etros, and they are unique scents. Messe de Minuit, is different all right, but I think for me too musty & dank smelling. I bought Patchouly, and although it's nice for a patchouli scent, I just can't wear the note well. My girlfriend loves it, I sent her a bottle, and she flipped over it.

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    Default Re: Etro Fragrances

    I love Etro Ambra, one of my favorite amber scents ... I also like Heliotrope, Shaal Nur, Magot, and Sandalo ...
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    Default Re: Etro Fragrances

    Heliotrope and Via Verri are my favorites but as Tom said are overpriced.

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    Default Re: Etro Fragrances

    I'd have to say, that after all was said and done following my journeys with ETRO, Gomma was the only hit..................... An awesome leather.........

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