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    Default Scented Suggestions

    Okay, so I'm recently coming off a breakup and just feel like changing things up a little. I'm hoping to purchase one or two more more fragrances as a way of doing this (along with a little messing with my wardrobe heh).

    I currently own Style in Play which is nice, though perhaps it's getting a little young for me now that i'm twenty and at uni. Plus, it's entering Autumn in Australia, and Style in Play is generally viewed as a light summery scent right? Not sure how much season plays a part in what you wear, I'm not too fussed about the whole seasonal aspect of fragrances (though maybe I should be?).

    Anyway, looking for some suggestions to change things up a little.

    My line of thought was perhaps CK One or Mugler Cologne as I've liked those in the past. Though I think perhaps getting one lighter scent, and something else more complex would be the way to go. In any case, I'm looking to you guys for help here as I'm utterly clueless!

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    Default Re: Scented Suggestions

    I'm sorry to hear about the breakup. A small change is usually necessary after something like that happens.

    I would agree that Style in Play is "summery" but so is Mugler Cologne.

    Some suggestions for Autumn are woody, dry scents. I don't know what the climate of an Australian Autumn is like but if it gets cool, then try these: Gucci pour Homme, M7 by YSL, Dzing! by L'Artisan, and Rive Gauche by YSL. If it is warmer then you can stick with what you are thinking about buying anyway. Good luck!

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    Default Re: Scented Suggestions

    Try Terre d'Hermes - this scent gets lots of love by Basenoters.

    It was, in my opinion, the best scent of 2006.

    In addition, it in NO WAY resembles CK or Mugler...
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    Default Re: Scented Suggestions

    Hello Yoza,

    Take care of yourself as you recover from your break up.

    You didn't say what kinds of scents you tend to prefer. You can stay within the same basic category of what you already use and get another similar scent within that category, or you can switch categories complelely.

    Personally I think one should have at least a half-dozen scents to choose from. Use one of fragrance guides to help you get a fair sampling.
    For a rather comprehensive guide visit Michael Edwards'
    then click on the link to Fragrance of the World Online.
    Also, many online fragrance sales sites offer fragrance guides.
    The categories are somewhat arbitrary and the listing biased and, perhaps incorrect accordong to a given person's nose, but between using the guides and getting samples you should find a several scents that you enjoy wearing and that make you feel good.

    Be well

    May the woman of your dreams find the scents you prefer unobjectionable. ;-)

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    Default Re: Scented Suggestions

    I'm not entirely sure what I like.

    I think I tend to like light 'happy' stuff. Nothing too deep.

    Though, that said.. I'm kinda trying to change stuff up a little, so I'm open to any suggestions

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    Default Re: Scented Suggestions

    You might enjoy exploring what the niche houses have to offer. Many of the online fragrance sales places have nice sample programs. Something to consider...a makeover of sorts. Good luck and take care....

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