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    Default overly sensitive nose

    I have allergies and am extremely sensitive to some smells. Generally anything in an aeresol will set me off. Most cleaning products that have scents set me to coughing dreadfully.

    Because of this I quit wearing perfume many years ago as I could not go into the perfume stores. Even walking in front of the entrance of BBW could set me off.

    Regardless, I'm currently experiencing a personal makeover (major weight loss, wardrobe change, etc) and I'd love to find a perfume I could wear.

    So here is my dilema, finding a fragrance that smells good on me and that I can tolerate without having to go into the perfume section of stores.

    I would like a perfume that does not fade fast and does not fill the room but is attractive up close.

    As a young girl I loved Flora Danica and I went through my Lauren years until it started smelling bad on me. Most cologne/perfume to me smells overly strong like the soaps you find in your grandmother's guest bathroom.

    Yesterday I was in Target and thought I'd try perfume there. I tried 2 (one on each wrist). Instantly and for hours later I couldn't keep 1 wrist far enough away and I wanted to keep the other wrist right by my face. The one I disliked was Sonia Kashuk Ginsing & Tuberose. The one I liked was Sonia Kashuk White Gardenia and Black Vetiver. It was light to begin with and then just had a warm woody smell. Made me think of sunwarmed skin.

    So I'm looking for some suggestions to save me suffering the perfume counters. I guess I'm a snob but I'm sure there has to be better perfumes that I can find.

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    Default Re: overly sensitive nose

    Hello and welcome!!

    I don't know what will set you off, as I have allergies to some strange things and get set off by weird things, but I have a few that are worth trying maybe?

    Flower Bomb by Viktor and Rolf - It is a sweet, light, warm scent that really captures female beauty in a fragrance. I don't think it will be hard on your allergies.

    If you want to stay away from the stores then you should order samples from online stores, or other basenoters. Good luck on your hunt. I know it's hard...

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    Default Re: overly sensitive nose sells samples (in little stoppered tubes) for $3 each. They focus on less easy to find fragrances, not what you'd find in department stores, but as you seem to be seeking a signature scent, this is a good way to go, anyway, since you won't find everyone else wearing these fragrances

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    Default Re: overly sensitive nose

    Spraying fragrance can be a problem, so try dabbing fragrances on, or using a roll-on bottle to apply from. Some brands sell natural spray fragrances that don't have propellants (the chemicals that often cause asthma with sprayed perfume).

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    Smile Re: overly sensitive nose

    My late grandfather had a very sensitive nose, and almost all perfumes set him off into a sneezing, coughing fit.

    One perfume he could tolerate being around was Sweet Honesty from Avon. They still make it, it's inexpensive for daily wear, and it's nice for a cheap fragrance. Just a thought for a nice everyday kind of fragrance. If it doesn't work for you, you're only out a few dollars.

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