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    Default Not a bad deal...on some samples

    Ordered some samples from We'll see how they are:

    Bvlgari extreme


    Terre D' Hermes




    Versace man

    Polo Double Black

    Polo sport

    and lastly ofcourse...Chrome.

    Thanks again..more to try out at Nordstroms I guess. All came out to 30 and change w/ shipping.

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    Default Re: Not a bad deal...on some samples

    Ten samples for $30 seems way too much, particularly since many of those are currently available in the stores.

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    Default Re: Not a bad deal...on some samples

    I think ten samples for $30 is a good deal. If it saves you from even one unwise blind buy, you come out ahead.
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    Default Re: Not a bad deal...on some samples

    I've paid more than $30 for ten samples...however, I think they were for higher priced fragrances than the ones listed above.

    Ava Luxe sells mosts of it's samples for $2 each...but Luckyscent can charge as much as $6 or $7 for some of the parfum samples of the 'niche' stuff

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    Default Re: Not a bad deal...on some samples

    It's a fair deal. Although you could've tested them in a store, you have the advantage of wearing each fragrance at least a couple of times. This allows you to test for personal fit and longevity before purchasing a bottle.

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    Default Re: Not a bad deal...on some samples

    Yea, I agree. It's worth the money than blind buying and I have these little samples to use at my leasure ya know.

    In the end 32 bucks is a lot better than 120 and above for something you buy impulsively.

    The thing is that when you find out another 10 you heard about OR that fits your notes you like you can pick another 10.

    The whole thing is to get to the nitty, find out how the top 10 and theres your list of colognes for a birthday present or Xmas or whatever.

    I take what you all suggested and I ordered them, it's better than getting a smirk or an agitated look if you keep going back to the Dept store to just "Try" a If you do not buy sometimes they get an attitude.

    Good suggestions by the way, hopefully I'll get this this week sometime, dying to try Terre D' Hermes and the like.

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