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    Hi . . .

    I actually have a few relatives whom I like! One is a cousin whom I see from time to time. A few months ago, I gave her some Shalimar as a gift. Later on, I asked her how she liked it and told her that she had better be honest because if she doesn't really like it but says that she does she might just keep getting more and more of it! ;-) She said that it was nice, but what she really enjoys is something from Bath and Body Works called "Sensual Amber."

    I am fairly familiar with B&BW, because I used to use their air fresheners quite a bit, so I went by the mall and checked out "Sensual Amber." I liked it so much that I ended up getting some for myself instead! ;-) Since then, I've found a couple of their other products that I like. My favorite is probably something called "Warm Vanilla Sugar," although that particular one is going to be WAY too sweet-smelling for many. I also like "Japanese Cherry Blossom." I have perfumes, lotions, body washes and body splashes in those fragrances.

    So, who else here has tried B&BW stuff? Who else here LIKES it? ;-)
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    Great question Pepe...and nice to see you back on BN!

    Vanilla and Brown Sugar is amazing. I'm a fragrance snob, but I have to admit that I'd probably pick this in a blind sample, against other vanilla scents out there, that are 6 times the price. It also makes a great scent for bubble baths too (I'm a bubble bath freak!)

    The Pink Grapefruit body lotion is pretty realistic too (it smells not just like the fruit itself, but like grapefruit peel...really tart and fresh). But since I have oily skin I rarely use this except as a hand lotion, where I find it has so much longevity that it inevitably clashes with whatever scent I'm I tend to rarely use it.

    Besides these 2, the others just seem kind of boring (yawn), to me.
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    Smile Re: Bath and Body Works

    Cute name, Pepe! I go there quite often. Do I like most of the their scents, no, but they're reasonable & have a few that are wearable for me. The Sensual Amber is nice, I would wear that one. The others you named are nice, but not my cup of tea. You really have to like fruity or sugar-type scents, but I think for the price, they're worth it. It's such a nice store too. I did buy the aromatherapy spray of lavender & vanilla, & it did actually help me sleep. (sprayed it on my pillow, and I don't really like lavender scents, but this one was nice)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pepe Le Pew View Post
    So, who else here has tried B&BW stuff? Who else here LIKES it? ;-)
    Full disclosure: I work part-time at a Bath and Body Works store. However, I do not speak for BBW, and the following views are entirely my own.

    I especially like the aromatherapy line and the Le Couvent de Minimes line. They tend to steer clear of sweet, fruity scents and more toward herbal, menthol, citrus scents. I had some Le Couvent lime verbena body spray that was just the thing last Summer when it was too hot and humid to wear a traditional scent. I also have some aromatherapy lavender pillow mist that I just love -- lavender the way I like it, as acidic, antiseptic, herbal, and refreshing as it can be. In addition to scenting pillows, I have used it on linens, clothes, and myself with no ill effects.

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