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Thread: Eau de Rochas

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    Default Eau de Rochas

    Does anyone know/love this scent? I am thinking of purchasing a bottle
    when I go to France next week. Is it along the lines of "O" de Lancome?
    I have read good reviews, but would appreciate your input.
    I like "O" by the way, and Eau Sauvge. Do you think I would prefer Diorella as a summer scent? Did I say I was indecisive??

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    Smile Re: Eau de Rochas

    a lovely scent but you might want to test Diorella and Cristalle EDT as they re usually considered superior in "our" community (specially on POL/Perfume of Life board and certain blogs).

    they re all "hedione" scents from the early 70's, Diorella was created by genius nose Edmond Roudnitska and Cristalle by Henri Robert (N°19 de Chanel)

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    Default Re: Eau de Rochas

    Thank you Jasmin! Now I see the connection between all three - hedione!
    I will definitely test all three and make a choice. Where do you suggest I buy them from? There are several Marrionaud in Nice, Sephora, Galeries Lafayette and other independant perfumers. Which do you recommend? Do they very greatly in price?

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    Default Re: Eau de Rochas

    I like the idea of independant 'parfumeries' but to be honnest the customer service is sometimes disappointing, I mostly find myself shopping at Sephora, they have more too.

    are you from London? have you read Luca Turin 's "How I got into perfumes"? his story when he moved from London to Nice, his discoveries of old independant parfumeries and his first introduction to NOmbre Noir...
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    Default Re: Eau de Rochas

    Merci beaucoup Jasmin de Grasse. What an interesting article.
    No I am not from London. I live in Shropshire, not far from the
    Welsh border. My nearest large town is Birmingham.
    Nice is not as Turin describes these days. The people, including the shop assistants have been incredibly friendly to my husband and me. We were actually bowled over by their warmth and charm.
    At our local newsagents, the old man in charge always says "Bonjour charmante!" whenever I come into his shop (and I'm over 50!!). Where do you live?

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    Default Re: Eau de Rochas

    I ve been living in New York for 16 years now, I m from Argentina and France originally.
    I m not surprised, I saw this documentary on the french channel because of unemployment fear customer service and productivity have improved a lot in France.
    In New York when you deal with sales assistants who make less than ten dollars it 's not possible to expect anything special but fortunately there are exceptions.
    England has changed for the best too, twenty five years ago absolutely everything was closed on the weekend, I remember when I was young we were suggested to travel to London during the week if we wanted to do some shopping.

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