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    Default Mitsouko pour Homme

    I've tried the EDT of Mitsouko for the last 3 days and I love it. It's an amazing fragrance, male or female, no problem. The EDT is so subtle. Would I be happy with the EDP? Is it less unisex than the EDT?
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    Default Re: Mitsouko pour Homme

    I only know the EDT the and the perfume well enough to comment. The ladies have had more threads on Mitsouko recently. You may already have seen some of those. Here just one of them: Purplebird compares EDP and EDT, and I have always been able to rely on her balanced judgement. Although the (older) EDT has been very good, it relaxes too soon on me. Mitsouko is the one and only fragrance I bought as pure perfume for the full price. But in terms of satisfaction, depth of fragrance, and longevity it was worth jumping across that barrier.

    Off topic: did you discover the parallels between Mitsouko and Kouros yet?
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    Wink Re: Mitsouko pour Homme

    Quote Originally Posted by narcus View Post
    Off topic: did you discover the parallels between Mitsouko and Kouros yet?
    Kouros and Mitsouko? As Lucille Ball used to say, " 'splain, Ricky."

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    Default Re: Mitsouko pour Homme

    I have the edt version of Mitsouko. It reminds me of a more richer, deeper version of Old Spice with oak moss added. I wanted a frag based around oak moss, so I got Mitsouko. It's virtually unknown in my area, so I can get away with wearing it. I found out that it does have an oder to it that reminds me of granny's dusting powder, or the powder make-up of my mother's, that I used to smear around the bathroom when I was an evil child.

    I don't see any connection with Kouros and Mitsouko, though.


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    Default Re: Mitsouko pour Homme

    I'm still scratching my head over the Kouros connection. Mitsouko has become a favorite of mine. I don't have a proper bottle yet, so I've been sampling everytime I pass by a Sephora. I'm also crazy for Shalimar - it's analogous to Jicky without the civet.

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    Default Re: Mitsouko pour Homme

    Interesting...I was planning on purchasing the parfum of Mitsouko (instead of the EDT or EDP), I'm glad that other BN's are agreeing with that decision...

    However, I find no comparison at all with Kouros and Mitsouko.
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