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    Default A Dream of fragrance testing!

    Well its 516am my side of the world... I just awoken from a dream of fragrance testing!

    Dream takes place in a little store upstairs a shophouse in a room very un-departmental store like. Its raining outside and I am rushing thru smell-testing because in 20 minutes I have to sit for an Art exam just next door(!)

    Interestingly enough I can remember some of the bottles I sniffed out!
    One memory that remains so detailed was the testing of Clinique Happy. Funny enough I have never smelled this scent in person but in the dream its smelled like Orange Tic-Tacs... I guess I will have to goto the stores later to see if this was true!

    Other wierd bit is that the other scents i tested was women scents... Agent Provocoteur and some Hermes one(cant remember which). I also remember lighting up some scented candles in the store, something which I have never been interested in real life.

    Alas woke up from such a blissful dream

    Anyone others who have dreamed of fragrances?
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    Default Re: A Dream of fragrance testing!

    Yeah, I've had dreams of fragrances too. I've written most of them down and turned them into notes lists.

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    Default Re: A Dream of fragrance testing!

    reality begins with dreams

    (someone's 'personal quote' from his aol profile)

    I have had as well but I can't remember much about it now alas

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    Default Re: A Dream of fragrance testing!

    I tend to dream about things I look forward too, so if i'm going somewhere that i'm excited about, the night before i'll dream about it. I did once have a dream in which I went to a perfume store which was very much like a pharmacy, and it had funny shaped bottles on the counter with all the fragrances I really wanted to try, such as SMW and Fleur Du Male etc, so I very much indulged myself in all these fragrances (I can't remember if I could smell them in my dream.) T'was a good dream!
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