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    Default Blue Agava and Cacao - any thoughts?

    I got a card with this sprayed on it the other day and it seems really nice but its not spoken of much on here. I'm just wondering, does anybody have any opinions of it? How is the longevity etc? I'm considering getting the 30ml size but would like to hear some views on it.

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    Default Re: Blue Agava and Cacao - any thoughts?

    I recently sampled Blue Agava and Cacao along with several other Jo Malone scents. I liked it but thought it more appropirate for cooler weather and I'm currently looking for warm weather fragrances. I'm not a big fan of chocolate notes but I liked Blue Agava and Cacao more than the Hanae Mori I owned. I highly recommend testing it. BTW I'll give it another test when I pick up Black Vetyver Cafe in September.

    Regarding longevity, I experience about 8-10 hours with the Jo Malone fragrances I own.

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    Default Re: Blue Agava and Cacao - any thoughts?

    I own Blue Cacao & Ginger - my thoughts:

    The 'chocloate' note in this scent is IMO overwhelmed by the ginger, on my skin. Try it out on YOUR SKIN, before you buy a bottle. I LOVE ginger notes in scents, so I put up with this (FYI - sometimes the ginger note smells like nail polish remover, to my nose...)

    In addition, the chocolate note in BCaG is NOT like the chocolate note in Borneo 1834 or the one in Yohji's a more bitter 'herbal' chocolate note (is that the right word?). To be honest, I think I prefer the more 'hot chocolate' smell of the others.

    I have three Jo Malone's - this one projects more sillage & has more longevity than the other 2. When I apply JM scents, I spray around 10-15 times to get them to last on my skin.

    I wouldn't just wear this in colder weather...I wear it in the South Florida heat and it does ok.

    As I said, not sure if I would START with BCaG...have you tried Pomegranate Noir (a Basenote fav')?
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    Default Re: Blue Agava and Cacao - any thoughts?

    Blue Agave and Cacao is not for me, but I do think the cocoa note is well done in this - it's dry and chocolatey without being sweet and vanillic, which is pretty unusual.

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