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    Default Layers that work...

    I just acquired a bottle of Aramis Havana. This is *the* juice. But that's a topic for another thread. As an attempt to match it, I reflected quietly last night and then went with Opium p/h with Mugler's B*Men. I'm not sure if it's close, but it is wide and deep. I like it.

    So I ask my fellow Basenoters -- what layers have you tried and found to work well enough to use occasionally (or regularly!), or that do a fair job of matching more complex / rare / extinct fragrance?

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    Default Re: Layers that work...

    Gucci PH and Escada PH are sublime together in a 2:3 proportion (more of the Escada)

    B*Men and the newer Dunhill for men go together surprisingly well, though I've never tried that combo in public. They both seem to be missing something alone, in my opinion.

    Boss Bottled and Azzaro Visit complement each other well.

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    Default Re: Layers that work...

    one recent "layering" I like is Vetivyr Oriental with La Myrrhe. Only I never really layer, I spray things side by side with some overlap cause I find whatever goes on 2nd masks whatever went on first. in fact with these ttwo I just sprayed VO on the outside of my arms and LM on the inside and both on my chest

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    Default Re: Layers that work...

    Dior Homme and Quorum go very well together in about a 2:1 ratio, with Quorum going on first with two sprays...waiting a bit for it to dry, and then landing a shot of DH right dead center in the chest.

    I have worn this before and it is quite nice. The trick is to let the Quorum rest for a bit. (And take a shower do NOT want to rock some Q without bathing.)
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    Default Re: Layers that work...

    Passage d'Enfer over Tam Dao, a friend's recommendation. Tam Dao's sandalwood (and other woods) base provides a dark mysterious bedfellow for Passage d'Enfer's frankincense and myrrh. Tam Dao acts almost like an incense booster for Passage d'Enfer.

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    Default Re: Layers that work...

    Dior Homme with Annick Goutal Vetiver / Malle VE
    Chergui with Vintage Tabarome
    Opium EDT with Santos

    And just tried Escada and Gucci together - agreed, it works really well!
    Also currently trying Dior Homme with Givenchy Gentleman - whoa, it's weird!!!
    Top 10 (not in order): Dunhill 1934, Dunhill Edition, Terre d'Hermes, Rive Gauche, Habit Rouge, Guerlain Vetiver, Knize Ten, Bois du Portugal, Vintage Tabarome, Green Irish Tweed

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    Default Re: Layers that work...

    Miller Harris Tangerine Vert with AdP Colonia

    Miller Harris Tangerine Vert with Kenzo L. Homme

    I've also been experimenting with Geir and Himalaya for a double dose of "mountain air". So far, its working.

    Also playing with Sequoia and Scent Intense...its effective.

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    Default Re: Layers that work...

    I'm not too much into layering, but sometimes, if I want Passage d'Enfer on steroides, I layer Juozas Statkevicius with GdC Lily.

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    Default Re: Layers that work...

    Jaipur and Chanel Pour Homme give a rich clean powdery effect.

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    Default Re: Layers that work...

    Burning Leaves by CB I Hate Perfume with Be Delicious by DKNY

    Smoke, apples - smells like a day in the forest, in fall sometime around Thanksgiving...very comforting.
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    Default Re: Layers that work...

    Believe it or not.......Terre D'Hermes and Kiehl's Original Musk. I was picking up some stuff at the market and a stranger came up to me and said I smelled so good they wanted to jump my bones. Not sure how one reacts to a comment like that. I just said "thanks, I guess" and walked away.


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    Default Re: Layers that work...

    I just tried the opium-b*man smells like caramail and 3 days without deodorant so far...of course it's still the top notes of rhubard and incense (the top not I get from opium)...

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    Default Re: Layers that work...

    sorry you don't like the combo so far. i really love b*men on me, the opium gives it that oriental spicyness that b*men has none of. im curious if you like b*men or just happened to have it in your wardrobe.

    best, AceyMan
    Quote Originally Posted by mad_handerchief View Post
    I just tried the opium-b*man smells like caramail and 3 days without deodorant so far...of course it's still the top notes of rhubard and incense (the top not I get from opium)...

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    Default Re: Layers that work...

    I dunno, this is one odd combo. The first sniff I get caramail apple smell, and then I get hit with a smell that knocks the wind out of me and makes me want to peel my skin the other way. Interesting, but not sure I like it.

    B*men is the first fragrance I ever bought. I loved the spicy middle but I don't smell it so much anymore I think something's wrong with my wrists, cause when I sprayed it on the inside of my elbows I got the old b*men smell I loved back....maybe unadvertant layering due to daily perfume use?

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    Default Re: Layers that work...

    The only layering I do is actually recommended : Norma Kamali Perfume layered with Norma Kamali Incense. Some days, use 50/50 ratio, and others 75 incense and 25 NK perfume. Awesome! I also like layering Andy Tauer's L'Air du Desert Marocain with the NK Incense.
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    Default Re: Layers that work...

    I never layered. I enjoy most of what I have as is. Touching a holy grail like Passage D would make me shiver...
    But I got this old Bogart One Man Show which is exactly what the name says, butch, bone dry and woody-smokey. Just too much for me. I am not easily overpowered. Polo is an Abercombie boy, Bandit a sweet little girl in comparison to this! Any advice how I could cheer this one up a bit? Maybe dilute in 4711 at 1:99 ??
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    Default Re: Layers that work...

    For those with deep pockets, try out Angeliques sous La Pluie and Bigarade Concentree, I just had the opportunity to try that today, and they complimented each other's poor longevity, so I actually got about 5 hours out of them today.
    - Rich
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