Hi ladies!
I have been driving myself bonkers with this for over a year now, and maybe one of you Bvlgari enthusiasts might be able to help me

A while back I worked in the fragrance industry, working with the BPI brands, and (amongst many others), Parfums Bvlgari.

When 'Omnia Crystalline' was launched, at the fragrance training, we were told 'Crystalline' was designed not only as a 'stand-alone' fragrance, but also as a scent which can be layered on top of the original "Omnia" to produce a THIRD Omnia scent. It always fascinated me that they had combined complementary notes so that this could be achieved, and it proved to be a great sales tool. Having worked with, and become familiar with these fragrances, I can understand how the two may complement and contrast one another effectively.

SO: is anyone here game enough to try layering the two for a day and report back their impressions here?

Pretty please?