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Thread: Mugler Ice Man

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    Default Mugler Ice Man

    I just received a bottle of this for attending a Mugler marketing school. I believe it will do quite well. It's clean, fresh and contains a hint of something that I always pick up when I smell the Angel Innocent (womens) EDT....

    Almost like the beach/sand...It's also in Angel for Men, however it's covered up with even more junk.

    Anyway, it follows the trend of being quite safe, and it definately "feels" like a Mugler cologne. I must say though, one could do a lot worse for a summer fragrance purchased from a dept. store.

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    Default Re: Mugler Ice Man

    Any idea what the actual notes are? Seems like they already have the summer market covered with TM Cologne.
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    Default Re: Mugler Ice Man

    It's funny, I have seen the pyramid but due to the fact that I wasn't expecting much and am less than impressed by Mugler's frags in general, I can't remember.

    "Glacier Ice" was listed as a topnote, that one stands out. Definately smells like a hint of chocolate in the base. It has that Angel feel the same way last summer's "Angel Summer" did...very similar to that scent.

    It's probably in my head but the fragrance does feel very dry and crisp. Nice for a day, or just to feel good. When my girlfriend got close to me she enjoyed it very much (while she has hated Creed's OV, Prada, Armani Code, Azarro PH, Dior Homme).

    It smells fresh, clean, yet it's manly.

    Also note that though I hate AMen, BMen and Cologne (I find OV to be far better), I do think they are well made frags. They just don't suit me.

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    Default Re: Mugler Ice Man

    Fresh and dry with cocoa? Sounds kinda like CK IN2U...which I just tried for the first time today. I was shocked to find that it's pretty decent, especially the top notes. Maybe this will be a similiar but improved take on the same theme, since it's from more highly regarded house.

    Btw, I haven't been impressed with any of Mugler's releases either. The closest I ever was to liking one was Cologne, but the enthusiasm faded pretty quickly. I must admit, though, that they make unique scents of high quality. Like you, I just never found the love.
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    Default Re: Mugler Ice Man

    Good comparison! I can't believe I didn't think of that. IN2U is the best CK frag since Eternity, much better than Euphoria.

    Ice is "crisper" and even fresher. More like laundry that's been hung out to dry on a sunny, yet windy day. With just enough spice/chocolate that you want more but know it's good that there isn't more.

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    Default Re: Mugler Ice Man

    Are you in Ottawa!? I am.

    Welcome to Basenotes!

    First question. What do you think the longevity will be like? I just gave my A*men to my nephew as it just couldn't hold my attention, though it's not a wall flower.

    Second question for you. Have you heard anything regarding the new version of Dior homme due out June 1st? or the next version of Very Irresistible or L'Instant?


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    Default Re: Mugler Ice Man

    Thank you graffham.

    I'm in Ottawa....I work in fragrances to pay for uni

    I've smelled Gucci 2....I like all of their fragrances. I believe we're getting it in the next few weeks. It's not THE BEST frag....but should win an award for coolest bottle.

    Guerlain...I haven't heard of a new one.

    And we will have the new Givenchy by May....I am not a fan of Very Irresistable but the second one sounds like an improvement.

    I'll see if I can find all of the notes for these frags the next time I work and I'll post them for you guys. I have seen them, just can't quite remember.

    As for Ice Man, if AMen doesn't hold your attention Ice Man certainly won't. It seems like a summer frag that would be perfect for the man who doesn't want a loud fragrance. it would go nice with beige pants and a crisp white shirt.

    I haven't heard of the new Dior Homme yet, but i'll keep my eyes peeled.

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    Default Re: Mugler Ice Man

    I'm pretty sure that Ice*Men is just A*Men Summer flash that's been rebranded, it smells identical. My local SA said it includes Iced Coffee and Nutmeg. It's alright but not anything amazing. I'm a big fan of all of the Mugler fragrances but of late they've really scrimped on the bath and body lines; Ice*Men comes in EDT's and a Shower Gel, Eau De Star is EDT and Lip Gloss and The Garden of Stars only come in EDP and Body lotion. The bath and body lines from Mugler are always exceptional, so I'm slightly dissapointed as of late
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    Default Re: Mugler Ice Man

    I had heard the notes were: patchouli accord, iced coffee and frosted nutmeg.

    The iced coffee notes caught my did the very stimulating advertising copy showcasing Mr. Greg Plint
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