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    Question Santa Maria Novella recommendations?

    I've become intrigued by Santa Maria Novella. As I will be in NYC in June, I'd like to visit Aedes de Venusta (forgive spelling as I have no reference before me) and wonder what would be the best to sample from that house. I see they have a violet fragrance...any recommendations?

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    Default Re: Santa Maria Novella recommendations?

    Cittá di Kyoto is a must try. It's a pure and fresh incense without the musty notes that can follow with such fragrances. I own it and love it to pieces!

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    Default Re: Santa Maria Novella recommendations?

    I am interested in recommendations for this house as well.

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    Default Re: Santa Maria Novella recommendations?

    Me, too, please do recommend en détail!
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    Default Re: Santa Maria Novella recommendations?

    I am madly in love with their Peau d'Espange, a leather fragrance which is suppose to be for men. I have the extract and just want to roll myself in it!!!! It has a medical like note which I always find addictive in fragrance.

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    Default Re: Santa Maria Novella recommendations?

    Haven't tried many of SMN scents but I love Nostalgia (smells like a vintage car!) and Melograno (lovely pomegranate scent.).
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    Default Re: Santa Maria Novella recommendations?

    I own their Patchouli. I adore patchouli, and it loves me back.
    What I mean to say is this: patchouli sweetens when I wear it. It smells especially good when it warms up--after hours of wearing or in the shower.
    Patchouli is often the base note that makes a fragrance reach heights of greatness upon me.
    I had trouble finding a patchouli fragrance that was not overly sweetened or changed by additional notes. Most of them had a good deal of amber in them. Many had supporting notes of florals.
    Not Santa Maria Novella.
    This one goes on dry and strong, yet is is mellow, un-harsh.
    After a brief, mildly herbal or "winey" opening note, it quickly establishes itself as a plain but 3-dimensional patchouli solo fragrance.
    It is the best, most high-quality patchouli I have found so far.
    I will warn you, it is not the "aged" chocolaty patchouli. It is un-sweet and clear.

    Another one that fascinated me by this house was Muschio.
    This is a vegetal musk from sumbul, a root.
    It smells very Old World. It smells like my late grandmother's house.
    People used used this ingredient in perfume since ancient times, but it went out of style. It doesn't smell anything like the mild, blendable musks of today.
    I had a huge nostalgic flashback when I got my sample.
    Muschio is like no other fragrance. The best I can describe it (and this is rather lame) is like bourbon and butterscotch.

    One SMN that I would not recommend is the new Angels of Florence. It was boring.

    The only reason I don't have more to recommend is because I haven't tried more. I would love to sample Iris, Ambra, Citti di Kyoto, Freesia, and a number of others.

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    Default Re: Santa Maria Novella recommendations?

    I recently purchsed the Muschio (Musk) and I love it. I only wished it would last a bit longer on me.
    I also sampled Melograno. It's not bad but it reminds me of a womens perfume which name's escapes me.
    Also sampled Russa and Cuba. Very classy.

    I would luuuve to get my hands on a bottle of Nostalgia. The smell of a vintage race car..

    P.S. For some reason some SMN colognes are mentioned twice in the directory in both the Italian and the English name? The Amber Lavender , The Musk etc.
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    Default Re: Santa Maria Novella recommendations?

    quite possibly the STRANGEST scent i have ever smelled was a SMN scent and it is killing me trying to remember it. it is one of those things that was just so weird and bizarre but months later i find myself badly wanting to smell it again, and again, and again. the woman behind the counter said it was for men but the most promising one by the directory is Marescialla, because supposedly it smells like mace. what i remember is a deeply disturbing incense/something else kind of scent, and it just smelled so BLACK if that makes any sense. i know "black" is a popular perfume name but this one smelled so . . . black. i woudl recommend you at least smelling this one so you can tell me what it was like so i can try to figure out if this is the one, and also just because you gotta try this freaky frag (if this was actually the one) it really is making me crazy trying to remember its name. this was in the flagship store so i am sort of worried it might be only available in that store but i hope not . . . well if anyone has any ideas what other frag this could be, i would love to know. honestly the description of nostalgia sounds like i could vit but i know ia lso smelled nostalgia when i was there and so this isn't it, unless my memory deceives me? i dont't know . . try marescialla, tell me what you think.

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    Default Re: Santa Maria Novella recommendations?

    I love their Iris, Gaggia and Ylang-Ylang.

    I hated the Potpourri
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    Default Re: Santa Maria Novella recommendations?

    I only know the Eau de Catherine di Medici (the one with bergamot in it)
    and the Rose one. They are both stunning. The bottles come as a splash or with an atomiser if required. You can't put the top on if the atomiser is attached, which I find mildly annoying.
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