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    Default Sample of Terre D' Hermes

    Just received 9 samples from forgot to send the last one Versace man so I'll wait for that one to be sent but hey...I tried the Mitchum unscented for the and I just put on Terre D' Hermes for today out of the samples.

    Smells fresh and nice! Is it me or am I smelling oriental woodsy a bit?

    I like it right off the bat, a little on each inner elbow and both wrists and 2 dots on each side of the neck.

    I like's is a bit "Old School" smelling with a fresh oriental woodsy smell.

    lets see how it dry's down.

    Thanks guys. So far Hermes is a good one! lol
    I wonder if you guys could tell me what note or ingredient is in Terre D' Hermes that I also smell in Polo Blue in its basenote as well.

    Follow me here for a minute. I put on the Hermes yesterday and the top notes smelled o.k., The drydown was completely different and I do not like Terre D' Hermes. Wow...what a difference when it dries down!

    It has an "Old School" smell with a Basenote ( or an aftersmell) that I smelled in POLO BLUE! I swear I'm not crazy..lmao... just goes to show you that you really HAVE to wear a cologne and try it out to it's 8 hour maximum.

    I smelled a clean oriental smell at first and then it's basenot and drydown was not good IMHO. It wasn't on the list that everyone told me to try, I did this one on my own and added it to the samples that I got, big mistake.

    Can anyone tell me what is in the Base of Hermes that is also in the basnote of Polo Blue...I smelled that spicy 'Old lady-ish" smell mixed with a cologne...thats what it smells like to me.

    I think one of you said that my tastes are that of "metallic" smelling colognes?

    Today I'm going to try Herrera for men, put a dab on my pinky and it smells now

    Thanks guys I hope you can help me with the basenote in both colognes...whatever that is, that I have to stay away's definately a basenote cause it was there 8 hours after I put it on.

    Much thanks.
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