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    Default Been a while...updates?

    Hey guys:
    So I haven't been on this site for quite some time now, nor have I been actively pursuing or perusing any new fragrances, having moved (temporarily) Down Under, and saving my money for other things (read: beer). Anyway, got a craving to start looking (smelling) again, anything out there new worth trying? Took a peek at yesterday, and it seems like there are 15 new companies I need to read through if I want to catch up. So anything you guys have tried recently and enjoyed, lay it on me.

    You could stop reading here, or take a look at what I own/want as a point of reference to better answer. Thanks a ton (oh, and the weather here rules!)

    Own: Agatha Brown Imperial Jade, Burberry Brit, Herrera for Men, Tea for Two, Pi, Armani Code, Philosykos, Escada Magnetism, CSP Vanille Pineapple, Millesime Imperial, Very Sexy for Him, John Varvatos, Pal Zileri, Green Irish Tweed
    Want: Santal Noble, Himalaya, Agatha Brown Conquest, MPG Ambre Precioux

    + many more, hopefully fueled by your suggestions


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    Default Re: Been a while...updates?

    Check out some of the offerings by Parfumerie Generale, they've got some really good stuff going on right now, the big hitters being Iris Taizo, Corps et Ames, Querelle, Coze, and Yuzu ab Irato.

    I'm a real big fan of CdG Series 2: Red Palisander, and somewhat of Sequoia.

    It wasn't for me, but Cashmere, by Cristiano Fissore is quite delicious, although may not work for the warm weather way down there. (By the way, I'm thinking about moving to Australia from the US sometime in my life, how was the move for you? Difficult?)
    - Rich
    As always, disregard most of what I say. It's not worth your heart health to actually worry about what a 23 year old guy from Kansas thinks. Even if he is really ridiculously good looking.

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    Default Re: Been a while...updates?

    Thanks for the info, I'll check those out.
    The move wasn't difficult at all; same language, weather is incredible (honestly - quite variable at times in melbourne, but really nice overall), there's a lot to do in a big city like this (but it's kind of pricey, even with the favorable exchange rate). The one problem I've encountered is, because it's such an international location, there are people here from all over (that's not the problem), and everyone is anti-america, so they let me know about what the US is doing wrong w/ whatever is happening in the world, as if I a) have any influence or b) am to blame. So I find myself defending myself and my country a lot more than I expected. I could go on, but it's probably not the forum in which to do it.
    Anyway, thanks for the advice; by the way, where would I find those online?

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