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    Default What direction would you like to see the industry go?

    The past ten days have been the most difficult I've lived in 47 years. Several days ago I posted a rather abrasive rant which really had no place on the boards. Visiting the boards did, however, distract my attention from the "then and now", but I really should have kept my mouth shut. Things are settling down to a manageable condition, so after a half of a bottle of Saint Etienne rum, I feel like writing. (sorry about your luck )

    The reason I looked into the world of perfume was because my daughter wore stuff that smelled pretty bad and I wanted to try to help her to not embarrass herself. Stuigi sent her some nice gifts from the supporting members offer (thanks Stu) and then I became interested in what this is all about.

    I'm not sure if this is good or bad (and I don't really care), but I do know it is most likely just another temporary episode in my life. What I have learned in the past 6 months is that many of the colognes I like most have been discontinued...some long ago. I suspect it is due in part to the elimination of some traditional (natural) ingredients, but it seems as if the entire industry has veered away from what (in my opinion) are the best colognes ever created.

    Without naming comparatives, what direction would you prefer to see the industry go? Or are you content with all of the "fresh", "black", "sport", "blue", "aqua", etc, etc, etc, frags?

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    Default Re: What direction would you like to see the industry go?

    1.) More EdP strength men's fragrances. I don't care that it has parfum in the title, I want it, and we need it.

    2.) Remove the red tape surrounding perfumers, you are killing them. I don't care that 1 in 2.5 billion people are allergic to a certain essential oil. If they have an adverse skin reaction, they won't wear it. I would like to see the perfume industry act more like the cigarette industry in this respect. We don't care if it's bad for us, we want it anyways. Besides, you're not forcing John Q to wear this perfume, why does it matter if he might be allergic to it?

    3.) What is this bullshit about banning citizens from wearing fragrances? If the people around us are uncomfortable, they can politely ask us to move, which we should do. Banning fragrance from the get go is asinine. You can't ban a smelly hobo from a plane flight. If he has a ticket, he flies. If the person you sit next to on the flight is allergic to orange blossoms, then you have created a problem, and will probably have to move. The key here is letting citizens use common courtesy, not taking away their rights.

    4.) What in the world is the women's designer perfume industry doing? How many perfumes are you going to release that are A.) Overly floral, or B.) Overly fruity? Gosh, I felt slightly sick after leaving the counter the other day, because apparently, bottled pear and apples version #1 needs to be done again, and then a third time. This I feel is worse than the dated aquatic trend in cologne.

    5.) No more aquatics. Period.

    6.) Here's an idea, take something that hasn't been done, then do it. As in rather than doing something that has already been done a hundred times and making a crappier version of it, do something new for a change. I'd like to see more Chypres on the market, and some more "natural" smelling colognes. Nobody smells like cucumber after a day of work.

    7.) I'd like to see a company that exclusively did fragrances for industries. As in one of their colognes would be "Mechanic", "Lumberjack", and "Lifeguard". I'm not talking about what you imagine these would smell like, I talking about what they actually smell like. I loved the way I smelled when I got done lifeguarding for 8 hours, and more than one of my friends couldn't restrain themselves in telling me how primal the urge to reproduce was when I smelled that way. Luce by Creative Universe actually does do that for me, but CU doesn't do this with all of their frags. I'd like to see a company that does.

    Maybe I expect too much, but I think I expect just enough.
    - Rich
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    As always, disregard most of what I say. It's not worth your heart health to actually worry about what a 23 year old guy from Kansas thinks. Even if he is really ridiculously good looking.

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    Default Re: What direction would you like to see the industry go?

    I want to see a regional niche explosion: perfumers of reknown from places other than just france, new york, england, italy. smaller houses making bigger scents - as rich is calling for - worthy of the word "perfume" whether or not they are actually colognes! it will take outfits working on a smaller scale to not be tempted by the kind of profit magin increases that result come from watering the juice down so much. smaller perfumers will cater to the niche clientele. people who, for the most part, buy a scent once, not 10 bottles over 3 years of the same thing. this enables artistes to work with greater freedom to explore and experiment. this will embolden and maybe even compell them to produce more remarkable stuff, as the mass market is left to its career of corruption, moving completely in the other direction towards homogeneity.
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