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    Default nostalgia, lonestar memories and this ilk

    I was surprised applyuing Nostalgia that it is so wearable
    My memory of little tastes at the store was of something outfrageous and unwearable for me. PArticularly the motor oil component. But... it's done in a wearable way and beyond this the fragrance seems very vegetable to me, green. Alas it is definitely on the subtle side.

    (although recently I'm thinking I'd like to live with fragrances when they go into diminution, while I haven't been allowing them to finish. it occured to me how a spray from the store sometimes really will persist, just one, if you don't get in the way. And certainly a lot of the loss of power of fragrances for us heavy sniffers is olfactory fatigue.

    I decided to compare lonestar memories alongside and wow suddenly I can see why people are impressed. first of all it's so gorgeous. but then, just the sheer power of the fragrance. but a few sprays could ovewhelm. I started resenting my lonestar memories and wished they would pipe down a bit cause it's a bit on the strident side and has an anise note that makes it smell a lot like a cleaner or some sort. Then I had the idea that since I miss the top and... uppermiddle notes of Cuir Mauresque in its evolution, cause it becomes an amber incense, almost nag champa like - maybe I could make believe they never went away by spraying Lonestar Memories beneath... and I think that might really work quite well. I suppose this znise component is a bridge to CM. I've only just sprayed it atop though so I can't say yet what's going to happen... but am anxiously hoping this is a soltion to the Cuir Mauresuque going all soft problem I experience. Cause I"m over reapplying it a lot that's for sure! I could go through nearly 5 ml in one wearinh trying to keep it up. The intended drydown is ok but. . . there are other things I can wear that do a similar thing better that I pine for over it, so that's not too cool.

    I just traded away this decant I had a dzing! now I wish I had it back. I thoguht I was trading it for a decant of l'air du desert but instead I got another decant of LM, but I nevr used the one I had, so now I"m happy to have them all but also really curious to see what I was missing with l'air. but particularly happy to have had my attention driven to LM alongside Nostalgia and as a possible supplement to CM.

    Anyway though nostalgia should be fun to wear it's almost a subliminal suggestion of a car smell via overtly organic veggy plantlife materials it's not like garage or tar it's a more subversive take on the grease monkey theme. Um we don't have spellcheck on here do we. So sorry about the typos. I've lost my glasses again.
    LM is too rubbery for me to wear it often though and this element screws up the CM layering experiment ...
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