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    Default Trussardi Inside Man

    If you have encountered this latest offering from Trussardi, please give us the low down.


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    Default Re: Trussardi Inside Man

    I smelled this one yesterday evening. Nothing groundbraking, let me say "typical italian" fragrance. That means masculin, smoky, semisweet a bit reminds me on Davidoff Silver Shadow. Anyway pretty "safe" scent and one of better in this year until now (I didnt smell new Armani and Lancome still).

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    Default Re: Trussardi Inside Man

    "Trussardi inside man" .... interesting name ..

    Head notes:
    Bergamot, Basil leaves, Yuzu
    Middle notes:
    Coffee, White pepper, Tobacco
    Bottom notes:
    Cashemere wood, Teak, Musk

    Woody tobacco....perhaps similar to Armani Attitude ?

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    Default Re: Trussardi Inside Man

    I received this as a gift for Xmas and am pleasantly surprised.

    It is a very fine scent that is worn close to the skin. For fleeting moments I detect vanilla and rubber-like accords akin to Bvlgari Black, and some warmth reminiscent of Musc Ravageur.
    Its coffee and tobacco notes are well balanced, and theres a leathery softness that makes this fragrance a pleasure to wear.
    Not a ground-breaker, but a very nice all-rounder.

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    Default Re: Trussardi Inside Man

    Suncheese is entirely correct - it is very italian indeed. Not bad but not terribly good either, wrote a
    short review earlier:

    "With Inside Trussardi continue their tradition of excellent packaging and bottle design. Sadly the quality of the juice keeps deteriorating with each release. Inside is basically a Moschino Uomo? ripoff . A bit more synthetic and with much crappier longevity though. The pyramid seems completely wrong compared to the actual scent. Like the Moschino its more about cedar, musk and with some toned down fresh lavender. Not a bad scent altogether, but get Uomo? instead, a better , stronger and more balanced execution on the theme."


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    Default Re: Trussardi Inside Man

    I personally really cant find a direct comparison to Moschino Uomo? here.

    To me, "Uomo?" represents a more robust citrusy/spicy blend, which is almost soapy or fruit-like in its final form.

    "Inside" is a more subtle combination... herbaceous and mildly citric, with smooth coffee, pepper and fragrant teak.

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    Default Re: Trussardi Inside Man

    ^ Interesting... Maybe I should try it again. Only smelled it from a strip, and then the resemblance
    struck me as pretty clear... Perhaps I made a subconscious comaprison to something else...

    The original Trussardi though! Wow, what a badass. Even brings Santos to shame. Need to get me a bottle asap - next to impossible to find in Scandiavia. Should have picked it up in Italy last summer...

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    Default Re: Trussardi Inside Man

    Indeed... Trussardi Uomo has the bollocks of a pit-bull!
    My Dad sent me a bottle of this when I graduated University to wear on the night I accepted my degree.
    I think it may have been a little mature for me at the time, and the only comments I got were wise-cracks about smelling like old mens trousers(!)
    But revisiting Trussardi Uomo again recently has given me a finer appreciation for it... though I must say I'm still a bit terrified of it, and quite incredulous as to how I wore it at the age of 21!

    "Inside" also has a sense of refined maturity to it... but its a completely different style of scent. Some may think it fleeting and uninteresting, but I find it rather radiant and intriguing on the skin.

    By the way MMM, you can order the original from this reputable online Danish retailer here:

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    Default Re: Trussardi Inside Man

    Having worn L'Instant Homme and Inside Man recently, I was quite surprised at how much more I enjoyed IM. L'IH isn't bad at all, but it fades to a mediocre musk all too quickly, whereas the woody coffee of IM lasted for around 10 hours (2 sprays). It may be the case that a lot of people like these "front loaded" frags and don't give ones like IM a chance to settle in (it does have a Uomo? Moschino facet for the first half hour or so). The most recent example, IMO, is Pure Havane, which is great for a while but then the tobacco disappears, leaving me to be very thankful I have enough Michael for Men (Kors) to probably last a lifetime. LOL.

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    Default Re: Trussardi Inside Man

    Quote Originally Posted by suncheese View Post
    Nothing groundbreaking, let me say "typical Italian" fragrance.

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    Default Re: Trussardi Inside Man

    I wrote this review in Frgantica after buying it on a whim:

    "The inital notes are quite bold and spicy, maybe because of the bergamot and the yuzu. The mid notes are supposed to be those of coffee and tobacco, but I cannot perceive any of them: anyway, the boldness and the spicyness mellow down without much complexity in order to led the way to a spiced vanillic musk staying close to the skin, which is, by far, the best part of the blend.

    TI is not complex, albeit formal yet contemporary, for the boldness described is not the kind you will find in aromatic fougeres or orientals leading the pole position in a sillage war. The longevity, so far, is standard."

    I have to amend my references on sillage...The las time I wore it was during a three hour long class; left for a 15 / 20 minute - long recess and I could perceive it quite well.

    I guess it is too contemporary for the taste of most Base Noters.

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    Default Re: Trussardi Inside Man

    I don't agree that "contemporary" is the issue, but rather "front loading" or that many BNers are looking for "monster sillage." Once IM settles down, it's so much better than I thought. One reason I didn't think I'd like it now is that I had recently worn Dunhill Desire for a Man and couldn't believe how bad I thought it was (my guess is that my perception is mostly due to low quality ingredients). L'Instant Homme is quite good for a while, but if I had to choose between it and IM, I'd have to choose IM due to the longevity of the notes I like. If L'Instant Homme didn't go into a mediocre musk within a few hours, I'd say they are very close.

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    Default Re: Trussardi Inside Man

    Bigsly, I do get what you mean... I still think it smells akin to other present-day releases albeit its very nice development: easy to misjudge if in a hurry.

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    Default Re: Trussardi Inside Man

    I've always enjoyed this one and wondered why it is so ignored. I need to dig it out again. It's been a while since I've worn it.

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    Default Re: Trussardi Inside Man

    I remember wearing this a while back. A little synthetic maybe but the teak & coffee combo works nicely.
    Currently wearing: Panama 1924 by Boellis

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    Default Re: Trussardi Inside Man

    It`s a wonderful classy fragrance. It seems very hard to find on-line. Is it discontinued?

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    Default Re: Trussardi Inside Man

    Bringing this thread up again. Discontinued? I agree, it is hard to find. Bottle worthy? What are your thoughts on this one now Basenoters?
    La vita breve, la morte vien.

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