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    Japan only , made by Amazyou Planning Co.LTD., a.k.a.: APY
    all their scents missing.

    They have three main lines: Angel heart, Estelle de Valrose and Romantic Drops.
    all for women.

    Estelle de Valrose line:

    All of Me

    All of Me Crystal

    All of Me in Heart

    Love Paradise

    Love Paradise Platina Bleue (limited edition)

    Love Paradise Glitter (limited edition)

    Love Paradise Rose Rose

    top notes: Sweet almond, hyacinth flower, iranian flowers
    middle notes: orange blossom
    base notes: white musk, iris.

    Love Paradise Jewel Sky
    notes:mandarin , jasmine, pear, musk, fern, woods.

    Love paradise Rose Rose Tropic Type

    In Heart (limited edition)

    notes: apple, pine, raspberry, grapefruit, lime, melon, peppermint, magnolia, rose, jasmine and cyclamen, geranium and lily, crystal mask, sandalwood.

    In Heart Honey White

    Angel Heart line:

    Angel Heart

    Lion Heart

    Baby Heart

    Angel heart Raspberry Pink

    Romantic Drops Line:

    Romantic Drops

    Romantic Drops Kety (limited edition)

    Romantic Drops Chantilly (limited edition)

    and the brand new: (2007)

    Angel Heart Snow White (of the angel heart line)

    Angel Honey (of the newly formed angel honey line, it's its first scent)

    Estelle de Valrose Rose Ruby (from the estelle de valrose line)
    Top notes: green apple, orange
    middle notes: rose, lily
    base notes: sandalwood, jasmine, white musk


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    New from the Angel Heart line: (all for women)

    Angel Heart Verona

    Angel Heart Mystic Angel

    The lion Heart line seems to have changed to be a unisex line and added new scents:

    Angel Heart Lion Heart Platinum (limited ed.)

    Angeal Heart Platinum (limited ed.)

    both limited eds. are fourgères and the "regular" lion hearts are categorized as "fresh" scents and unisex as well.


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