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    Cool Diptyque for men

    I just bought a bottle of Philosykos and I adore it, but I was wondering which other of the Diptyque range are suitable for men. I love the clean, grassy and fresh nature of Philosykos.

    I know lots of them are 'unisex' but which in your opinion mihgt iI try next without smelling 'flowery'. Some people of course think Philosykos is feminine, and it is slightly, but not too much so that it can't be worn by a man IMO.

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    Default Re: Diptyque for men

    I've got most of the Diptyque line in my collection. I'm missing Jardin Clos, Do Son, Eau d'Elide, and maybe one other that escapes me now. All the rest I wear and feel great in as a man. A couple of them do really push the gender identification marketing borderline for certain, Olene for example, but it isn't anything that I've found a challenge because so many high quality soaps smell like Olene that the result is I just smell like white flower scentd soap. It was an old girlfriend's favorite on me too.

    I also wear the wonderful rose variations Diptyque offers: L'Eau, Ombre dans l'Eau, and Opone, with ease. I'm partial to roses in scents because roses just plain smell great and I like sticking my nose in a real rose flower so of course I'd like a scent that blends it with other elements.

    L'Autre, L'Eau Trois, and Tam Dao might be the least questionable ones on men, after Philosykos. Virgilio is also perfect on a man in the same way Philosykos is.

    I could go on and on about the line. I really think the house makes superior products.

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    Default Re: Diptyque for men

    I'd feel fine wearing Tam Dao, Eau Lente, Virgilio, Oyedo, or Opone, depending upon the season and my mood. I believe all of these are worth sampling.


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    Default Re: Diptyque for men

    I have Tam Dao, Eau Lente, Philosykos, and L'Eau Trois. TD and EL are the most comfortably masculine for me. Philosykos is slightly softer on me than those, but I don't feel it's too feminine. L'Eau Trois is very incensey on me -- it also goes slightly soft. Sometimes I find it a little feminine for my tastes.

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    Default Re: Diptyque for men

    Tam Dao is glorious - one of my favourite sandalwoods. This might sound a bit weird, but have you considered using the Diptyque John Galliano room fragrance as a perfume? I know a few people who use it like that, and it's gorgeous; smoky birchwood, iris and vanilla.

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    Default Re: Diptyque for men

    sorry for the off topic, but which diptyque smells like BO? I remember spraying the tester and getting really embarrassed because i didn't want people to think that was me who smelled like that.

    Back to topic... i find Tam Dao to be very masculine. Of course, the BO one i mentioned above could be considered masculine as well i guess.

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    Default Re: Diptyque for men

    I believe that it's L'Autre that's sometimes credited with that "unwashed" smell. Cumin, perhaps?

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    Default Re: Diptyque for men

    Thanks everyone for the replies, it gives me some idea of which fragrances I will try next. You have been very helpful.


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    Default Re: Diptyque for men

    Enlightenment - l'Ombre sur l'Eau sometimes gets that response too. It's redcurrant, I think, that does it; that said, lots of people absolutely love it and don't get that note from it.

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    Default Re: Diptyque for men

    I absolutely love Eau Lente. If you like Envy or Opium, Eau Lente will knock you flat.

    The only other scent from the house I've smelled is Tam Dao, which is really nice, but hard for me to fall in love with. A very good house, judging by those two. I'd love to try Philosykos.
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