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Thread: Chypre fix

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    Default Chypre fix

    I'm utterly convinced I picked a stunning good time to get serious about scent, but a wrenching rough one to start falling for chypres. Now, I'm not about to start composing my own. I admire those who do enormously,but to me it would be like touring the Louvre and then asking myself to replicate it all with a box of kindergarten crayons. But, in the cases where we know the house took out the oakmoss, could it be at all repaired with a dab of oakmoss absolute underneath? And how do you find a supplier with a reputation for fine quality? I hope the chypre queens here add their input and I'll trot over and ask at the diy section later.

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    Wink Re: Chypre fix

    I m a chypre queen and I m a purist which means chypre is about oakmoss and not substitutes.
    my solution? I go for vintage, period.

    my favorites:

    Mitsouko any concentrations provided it 's a vintage

    Givenchy III, green chypre, vintage very hard to find and very expensive

    Miss Dior, another green chypre and also hard to find in vintage

    Diorella, the most beautiful spring summer chypre

    Cristalle EDT, although not as "chypre"as Diorella

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    Default Re: Chypre fix

    Actually, I think the new ones will still use oakmoss...
    It may be a synthetic substitute.
    Even if you put real oakmoss underneath, the synthetic oakmoss will still be in there.

    NOTE: I don't want this to turn into a flame war, so I will not begin the synthetic vs natural debate. Please, everyone, do not start discussing it. I just brought it up to say that oakmoss will still be a note in perfume, but it might be used at a lower concentration or replaced with a "hypoallergenic" artificial substitute.

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    Default Re: Chypre fix

    why can 't we discuss it? aren 't we here for that??

    some perfumers still use natural oakmoss (Lutens, Malle, Guerlain exclusives...) but they have to label it and they cannot exceed certain dosages.

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    Default Re: Chypre fix

    Houbigant's Apercu was discontinued before the oakmoss issue happened, it can still be found on eBay.
    The blog Now Smell This did a review of it, which is how I discovered it. I find it utterly addicting !

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