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    Default 2 Qs for those who love SL's Fleurs de Citronnier

    hi.. for those who have tried or used (and hopefully love) Serge Lutens' Fleurs de Citronnier, got two questions..

    does anyone know of any other perfume with a longer lasting version of FDC's opening which i thought was really amazing but short lived because of the drydown.. the scent that one website calls "The opening is slap-on-the-face sharp, with soapy neroli over a hint of citrus"

    and does anyone know any other great 'white flowers' scent as in FDC's base scent? cant explain, just nothing too sweet please.. i think SL's Fleurs d'Oranger is addictive but i just cant wear it on me, i think it may be too girly for me white blossoms.. maybe even white orchids.. haha, does that have a scent? but i love it

    FDC is my first SL perfume. most of the other SL's are nothing short of intruiging.. but most i am satisfied smelling them on the counter.. maybe i'll find some others i'll be lovingly wearing on myself one day

    thanks !!
    no comments or suggestions on this topic ?? sob sob .. maybe no one likes this scent ??
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