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    Talking Now that that's empty...

    Hi all!

    I know, i'm a lurker, for the most part, but I thought i'd share my little triumph this week. I finished my bottle of D&G Light Blue. :-) I'm always happy to finish off a bottle because that means I either get to A) go buy a new bottle of it, or B) go get a new bottle of something else! plus, it just proves i do wear my juice, unlike some people, who let it sit and turn funky colors. ahhahaa ^_^

    so, i'm debating on my next bottle of scent... i'm really hoping i can scrape up the cash for a bottle of Cuir de Russie. the closest Chanel store to me is in Bal Harbor, and I don't go there unless i have a reason (mostly because i hate paying to park the little red tank). So, long story short, while cleaning a pair of earrings i snapped the jump ring so i took them to large jewelry store of blue boxes to be fixed (which they did for free... i love good customer service! SQUEE!!!). after the nice lady fixed my earrings, there was all of 10 minutes till the mall closed, so i headed to the chanel boutique. the sales lady there had no problem with showing me the perfumes, even though it was obvious they were closing down (i know how that goes, being a mall wench myself). had i had more time, i think she would have let me sample all 10 scents, but all i got to were Cuir de Russie, Gardenia, and two of the other ones who's name escapes me (mostly because i didn't care for them; they were very... hmm.. green in how they smelt). so, i got a spritz of the perfume on my arm and she said to wear it, smell it, and come back the next day, so i would know if i really liked it. and i do. so...

    yes, i know, long rambling story, but i had to share, as most of my gal pals are scent impared. RAR!

    Now, i said it was a debate. not so much, I want this one, but i think i want to smell the rest of the exculsives first... though i'm pretty sure lust/love at first smell with Cuir de Russie.

    so, that's all i got. thanks for listening/reading/whatever!

    Yup, I smell good!

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    Bravo, Patricia.
    Congratulations for stepping forward into the light and adding your voice (very interesting voice, if I may say so) to the chorus of Basenotes.

    Cuir de Russie is a challenge, even for me, and I love challenging perfumes, so I commend you on your choice.
    Of course, I've only smelled the vintage CdR, and it was quite leathery and, ahem, fecal.

    I bet the green fragrance you smelled was the new Bel Respiro, which I bet I will like, having acquired a major attraction for green scents.

    I love to read "fragrance safari" anecdotes. Enjoyed yours thoroughly.

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    Default Re: Now that that's empty...

    I think Cuir de Russie is a wonderful fragrance, and a great choice...but absolutely wait a little bit until you can smell them all. I was 'in like' with some of the Exclusifs, but not 'in love' with any of them. Bel Respiro was nice, but not earth shattering (it ain't Gobin Daude's Sous le Buis). The one I liked best was Coromandel, and if you're an oriental kinda girl, you might like that one.

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