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    Default house: Ella Mikao

    Japan only. (well not exclusively found there but mostly)
    All by Ella Mikao Design, aka: EllaMikao.

    Yujin Men (for men)
    notes: bergamot, lavender and petit grain, mint, basilico, mandarin, apple, plum , coriander, orange blossom, Egyptian geranium ,sandalwood, musk, invar , cyst rose, oakmoss.

    Yujin Feroce (for men)
    notes: jasmine mango, coconut, iris ,sandalwood, fern,vanilla, musk.

    Yujin Rose (for women)
    notes: bergamot ,blackberry, Tunisia silver Baika, Cognac oil,rum essence, Moroccan rose musk, lily of the valley , pink pepper,magnolia, jasmine ,rose.

    Yujin Gold (2006) unisex-
    notes: pink grapefruit, nectarine, white rose, pond lily, Freesia , Parisian sandalwood, white musk.

    Yujin Amour (for women)

    Yujin Floa (for women)
    notes: mandarin, pear , apricot ,vinegar, tropical fruits , lily of the valley marine notes.

    Yujin (for women):
    a sweet raspberry-based fragrance.


    almost forgot: there's also a Yujin Pour Homme (different from Yujin Men);
    and also one EllaMikao fragrance (for women) -discontinued.
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