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    Default Picked up J.H.L. Today!

    The S.A. At Nordstrom said they are no longer going to carry this...she didn't really elaborate. After hunting for five minutes she found the last bottle in one of the drawers so I bought it. However I went over to Macy's afterwards and noticed they had about ten bottles I guess its not so rare after all. Still a keeper though!

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    Default Re: Picked up J.H.L. Today!

    I'm in Atlanta and picked up the 100ml splash/spray of JHL at Nordstrom's for $58.00.

    Funny, its still out there at retail, but you cannot find it on eBay hardly at all.

    We BNers could probably turn a little profit buying at retail and auctioning it off, but I'd prefer to let the rest of the world enjoy JHL at the best possible price.

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    Default Re: Picked up J.H.L. Today!

    I just got a sample from a fellow BN member - can't wait to give it a full wearing...when I opened up the envelope in the mail, the scent flowed out nicely.

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    Default Re: Picked up J.H.L. Today!

    I like JHL as well, but if you're looking for something a touch lighter, try Royall Spyce.
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    Default Re: Picked up J.H.L. Today!

    JHL is really an awesome men's scent. Imagine a lighter version of Estee Lauder's Youth Dew or Cinnabar.

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    Default Re: Picked up J.H.L. Today!

    It's perhaps one of the most masculine scents out there and shares a wonderful booze/cognac note with PDN New York and Escada PH. Este Lauder created it for her husband, John Henry Lauder, if I'm not mistaken, and the booze note was a tribute to his nightly cognac.

    In a similar tradition, AG's Sables was created for her husband.

    Makes me wonder why booze frags are not more plentiful.

    And yeah, glad to see that the myth that JHL is unavailable is busted. Nordy's is your best option.

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