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    Default Best frag under $50.00

    If you only had $50.00 to spend, what would you absolute not live without.

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    Smile Re: Best frag under $50.00

    For a budget of $ 50 hmm

    1. Gucci PH
    2. Gai Mattiolo Uomo

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    Default Re: Best frag under $50.00

    I might choose from the Ava Luxe line...she has a huge variety and full bottles can be had in a range of 26 to 50 dollars in edt, edp or parfum oil
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    Default Re: Best frag under $50.00

    "Would not live without."???????????

    Joy!!! (I'd steal the difference. :bounce
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    Default Re: Best frag under $50.00

    Some Guerlain online or on last bottle of LHB EDP was under 50.00.
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    Default Re: Best frag under $50.00

    Moschino by Moschino, off ebay you can get it for under $30.

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    Default Re: Best frag under $50.00

    With 50 bucks, I could spend it on a 50ml bottle of Fracas probably with spare change to buy a candy too!

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    Default Re: Best frag under $50.00

    Quote Originally Posted by Coconut View Post
    with spare change to buy a candy too!
    We think alike Coconut!

    I would say.....ANGEL! It's my go-to scent when I can't figure out what I want to wear.

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    Default Re: Best frag under $50.00

    A very difficult question! I'd say TBS tea rose but I much prefer to get No. 5 edp from the drug store although I'm not sure if that's under $50. Maybe the No. 5 body lotion?

    I guess it also depends on which currency you're talking about.
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    Thumbs up Re: Best frag under $50.00

    I would purchase a 4.2oz bottle of Montana Parfum d'Homme. I just love that juice!
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    Default Re: Best frag under $50.00

    If this means 'favourite cheapie', then I'd try to find some Bal a Versailles. ($50 is only about £25 with the exchange rate the way it is at the moment, so I'm feeling quite limited!) Shalimar edt is sometimes available for surprisingly little in chemists, so I think that would also fit the bill well!

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    Default Re: Best frag under $50.00

    Fragonard's Fleur d'Oranger.
    Yves Rocher's Un Jour Se Leve.

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    Default Re: Best frag under $50.00

    Philosophy's Amazing Grace. This retails for $35, and is a great go-to fragrance when you want something clean and uplifting. I love this for work and for other situations when I want a discreet fragrance.

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    Default Re: Best frag under $50.00

    There's a store here in Vancouver called the Perfume Gallery that frequently sells brand-name fragrances like Versace, Nina Ricci, Moschino, Bulgari, even Karl Lagerfield (last time I went) - for around $19.99-$29.99 (though they have more expensive perfumes behind the counter). They also have plenty of half-off sales, so, I've picked up tons and tons of under-$50 fragrances from there!
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    Default Re: Best frag under $50.00

    kai roll-on oil. I've gotten most of mine off ebay for thirty bucks. I scanned my wardrobe, and after kia, I'd want one of my simple roses (Fresh Bulgarian Rose or L'Occitane Eau 4 des Reines) but then, I gotta say...Lolita Lempicka.
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