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    Wink Opinions of Creed's Fleurs de Bulgarie...?

    It seems like I've read here at some time that this particular fragrance could be worn by men and not seem too feminine. I love rose and ambergris, and would LOVE to have some, but if it becomes too powdery or frou-frou in the drydown, well, I'm not ready for strange looks, pimp attacks, or guys hitting on me, LOL! Any thoughts? Thanks, everybody!

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    Default Re: Opinions of Creed's Fleurs de Bulgarie...?

    I just finished my first bottle of this today! It isn't too feminine at all...or powdery. In fact, I don't get any powder at all. There is a great review of this on Marina's blog: (ok, I wrote it). It starts off with a rose/bergamot accord that is very bright and sunny. On my skin, the rose doesn't last long...maybe 15 minutes or so. Then the ambergris starts to shine. This is an extremely long lasting fragrance, maybe 10 to 15 hours or so. Not a whole lot of progression but it is absolutely wonderful. The ambergris is mixed with a very clean musk and I am totally addicted to this fragrance.

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    Default Re: Opinions of Creed's Fleurs de Bulgarie...?

    A man can pull off Fleurs De Bulgarie. It contains some high quality ambergris and musk notes for sure. Its Fleurs de The Rose Bulgare which I find too feminine.

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    Thumbs up Re: Opinions of Creed's Fleurs de Bulgarie...?

    Hey, thanks painter! I was hoping someone would say it was suitable for men. Don't get me wrong, I like "unisex" fragrances, except when they go over into overtly floral gyrations, like gardenia, freesia, etc. I was also kidding about the strange looks, and so on. I could bathe in a vat of gardenia oil, and all I'd get would be...nothing. In other words, I wear scent for my own enjoyment.

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    Default Re: Opinions of Creed's Fleurs de Bulgarie...?

    If I recall my gf's sample, FdB is very particular, Dove bar soapy. If you don't think Dove soap is feminine, then you'll do just find. It reminds me a lot of Carnal Flower...its all up to personal interpretation.

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    Default Re: Opinions of Creed's Fleurs de Bulgarie...?

    It's impeccable for a man, a very unique and distinctive fragrance that gives you a sophisticated, austere (in a positive sense) aura. The rose note is very subtle.

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    Default Re: Opinions of Creed's Fleurs de Bulgarie...?

    I finally gave this a second full wearing yesterday.

    The rose note in FdB is so much like the rose one experiences in pure rose water. I have a bottle of rose water from Santa Maria Novella that I use as an astringent and the rose note is almost exactly the same.

    I must agree with the above 'powdery' descriptions. I'm not sure if it's the bergamot at the top or the ambergris in the base notes, but overall the feeling I got from this scent was 'powdery rose'. I remember Turin saying that he felt the scent suffered from showing all of the 'difficult' parts of a rose note in perfumery. I kind of like 'difficult' rose notes and it's this that intrigued me about FdB when I first sampled it.

    But wearing it, the powdery floral aspect grated on my nerves and I looked forward to it fading away that evening.

    Created for Queen Victoria (supposedly)? Smells like it.

    I am still interested in trying the other Creed scent: Fleur de The Rose Bulgarie. Would anyone wish to compare the two?
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