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    Default Suggest me a perfume...

    Hello to all of you!!Thank you for trying to find out a perfume that I asked you in my previous thread.Unfortunately non of you found it but that's no problem...I am gratefull for even trying to help me!
    I decided that if I can't find out what was that perfume, I should find a new one!!Here comes your help...
    I am a woman and I am 18 years old.I want the perfume to be sexy, I want it to last a lot of hours and I want to leave the scent of my perfume wherever I pass through.
    My problem is that I have tried a lot of perfumes but non of them are what I want.I believe that you, who are experts, can help me find out a perfume that is exactly how I want it!Just suggest me and I will go to smell them as soon as possible.
    Thank you!

    PS: Last perfume I bought is "The One" by D&G.

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    Default Re: Suggest me a perfume...

    Well its difficult to suggest, not knowing what type of smells you like, but I will suggest the following for you to try. They are sexy and strong and long-lasting perfumes.

    Moschino by Moschino
    Opium by YSL
    Poison by Dior
    Obsession by Calvin Klein
    Chloe Narcisse

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    Default Re: Suggest me a perfume...

    Perfumefreak - here are my suggestions for you. These are sexy, long lasting frags:

    Tom Ford Black Orchid
    Coromandel (Chanel Les Exclusifs)

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    Default Re: Suggest me a perfume...

    Geia sou perfumefreak!

    Tha elega na dokimaseis ta parakatw:

    "Cabotine" by Grés
    "For Her" by Narciso Rodriguez
    "Pure Turquoise" by Ralph Lauren

    Ola afta einai panemorfa, kai wraia yia kalokairines meres kai episis zesta vradia

    Please let me know your impressions if you manage to try these.
    Se hairetw,

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    Smile Re: Suggest me a perfume...

    you want sexy perfumes with substance right?

    Fleurs d 'Oranger, Clair de Musc and Rousse by Serge Lutens

    also Musc Ravageur by Frederic Malle

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    Default Re: Suggest me a perfume...

    I wouldn't call myself an expert,but I suggest you try some of these:

    -Angel by thierry Mugler.
    - Fracas by Robert Piguet
    - Nu edp or edt by YSL.
    - Le Baiser du dragon by Cartier
    - Crystal Noir by Versace
    - Chergui by Serge Lutens
    - Agent provocateur by AP.
    - Hypnotic Poison by Dior.
    -Trouble by Boucheron.
    Currently wearing: No. 88 by Czech & Speake

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    Default Re: Suggest me a perfume...

    I would second Angel and add Armani Code for Women and Light Blue
    by D and G.
    Men seem to love Fragonard's Miranda too.
    Currently wearing: Mauboussin by Mauboussin

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    Default Re: Suggest me a perfume...

    I'll add another vote for Tom Ford Black Orchid. It's got wonderful sillage, it lasts a nice long time, and my husband seems to have decided it's his current favourite in my whole collection. I have about seventy different perfumes, so that's a remarkable advertisement for the stuff!

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