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    Default would Drakkar be different than those i already have?

    I want something that people generally either like or are neutral.

    I tried tons and tons of newer colognes yesterday at many top notch stores in San Francisco after a long travel to get there, and found..nothing. i was very dissapointed! they just didn't fit me.

    They did have one I did like..Kiton Black. But I want to test it more and wait until they release it with deodorant, body wash, ect..

    I have seen a load of Drakkar at my local macys but not in SF, so i looked up reviews.

    Is this a DIFFERENT cologne than the ones in my wardrobe? will it be distinct?

    i ask this because the only cologne my g/f can distinct on me is Platinum Egoiste and sometimes Bvlgari.

    I WANTED to venture outside "fresh"..but any other just do not fit ME. I'm sorry if im mainstream, but I guess that's just who i am.

    any ideas on Drakkar Noir?

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    Default Re: would Drakkar be different than those i already have?

    My suggestion would be to pass on the Drakkar Noir..........I have it and NEVER wear it because there are so many fragrances out there that are better and not so "overdone."

    *Azzaro Chrome
    *Ralph Lauren Polo Blue
    *Claiborne Sport
    *Halston Unbound
    *Armani Acqua di Gio
    *YSL Rive Gauche

    These are all popular and FAR better than Drakkar to my nose but if you like Drakkar then go for it..............

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    Default Re: would Drakkar be different than those i already have?

    Drakkar was like the Acqua di Gio of the 80s-early 90s. It's a bit "old school" and everyone's smelled it before, but it's really nice.
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    Default Re: would Drakkar be different than those i already have?

    The last time I wore drakkar was when I was in the 6th,it brings back memories of summer school!
    Top faves: Aramis Devin,Balenciage PH,Zino Davidoff,Trussardi Uomo,BlackXS,Sybaris,Furyo,HoHangClub,Santos Sport,KriziaSpazio,CarverVetiverDry,GIT,AmberSulta n,TeaForTwo,Dzing.
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    Default Re: would Drakkar be different than those i already have?

    I often thought the same thing...that I smelled it last month in Macy's and was thinking about buying it cause I had it back in the mid to late 80's. I thought, "Wow...nobody's probably smelled this in a while, wouldn't it be something if I got it and wore it NOW?" is dated and old..and if I were to get it, it would be a small bottle..the smallest I could get. That being said I would obstain from getting it and try colognes like:

    HERRERA is nice as well yes these are old but IMHO better than Drakkar.

    For more help go to basenotes homepage and click on Directory and then Fragrance houses and check out the three just mentioned at the bottom they will tell you similar colognes you may like as well that are fresh and clean smelling! BE CAREFUL...some are for both Men and Women so if your looking for masculine scents make sure it says it. I bought CK Be as an impulse buyer without research and guess's an androgenous scent! How P'O-ed I

    Go with whats out there and hey...POLO SPORT is timeless and it came out in 1993...Herrera is old too but they are great...I'm trying to find NEW clean smelling fresh colognes as well.

    Sometimes the new lines dont cut it but there out there.
    Ohhh by the way, another one is ALLURE SPORT BY CHANEL FOR MEN...thats a nice one too.
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    Default Re: would Drakkar be different than those i already have?

    Everyone I know seems to like Drakkar on me, it gains a lot of compliments. I have had more compliments wearing Drakkar Noir then any other frag, I have had many friends asking me to get them a bottle, as it is hard to find in the UK. . Citrus,Spice,Lavender,Leather,Moss. I my self love it, I find it great to wear in the spring.
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    Default Re: would Drakkar be different than those i already have?

    I just bought a mini of Drakkar Noir. I'm looking forward to sniffing it again. I loved it when it was new - bought some for my stepdad, and he and my mom both liked it so he wore it for quite some time.

    I think it must be 8 years since I last smelled it - certainly at least 4. Try it, and if you like it, go for it. It might get recognized, but so what? It will also be enjoyed, and fondly remembered, by many. And it has been long enough since it was everywhere that it might be new to some.

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