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    Default Nemo or Cacharel Pour Homme ?

    Well,the title is rather misleading,the intention of this post is to express the magnitude of my impression after receiving a bottle of Nemo:rich,rugeed,outdoorsy.It should be better known for sure.
    On the other hand,Cacharel Pour Homme,an even richer,deep,sensual fragrance.Possibly,these two are not so easily found,in order to be more sampled/reviewed.
    What a disharmony between these two and the rather poor performing Amor Pour Homme...
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    Default Re: Nemo or Cacharel Pour Homme ?


    Nemo is one of my favorite. To me it is a classier, more sensual version of Azzaro Visit. My GF is also a fan of this on me.

    I just recently bought Pour Homme and love it, also.

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    Default Re: Nemo or Cacharel Pour Homme ?

    I have yet to sample Nemo, but Cacharel Pour L'Homme is my all-time favorite. Why did they discontinue it???

    Perhaps I should give the former a try?
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    Default Re: Nemo or Cacharel Pour Homme ?

    While I adore Cacharel ph, I was deeply disappointed in Nemo, which I bought on the strength of many liking it here. It seemed very "modern" and synthetic-smelling to me, and irritated me in the throat (no, I did not gargle with it). I could just never really figure it out. The advantage is you can sell it off anytime for a fortune on ebay.
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