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    Default Important Creed Millesime Imperial Question

    Okay ugys so I need some help/

    For those of you that have this cologne. On the 4oz bottle is the spray thing supposed to be white or black?

    I ask because I have a 2.5 oz and the spray circle is black.

    I just ordered a new 4oz one from a different web site and this circle is black. In addition the date on the back of the carton is not listed. It seems like it was teared off, so I am getting a bit concerned. Can someone help me out with this please? Thanks.

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    Default Re: Important Creed Millesime Imperial Question

    I purchased a fresh 2007 4 ounce bottle from Neiman's just yesterday and the sprayer circle is white. All of the 4 oz bottles I own have a white spray circle, except for Green Irish Tweed. All of the 2.5 oz bottles I own have a black spray circle.

    There is supposed to be a small sticker on the side of the box, and on the bottom/back of the bottle with a serial number ending in 04, 05, 06, 07, etc. This is the year it was produced. When the date is cut out of the box, or the serial number is ground off the bottle and covered with a small piece of tape, it means that the product has been redistributed and at one point, had the serial number removed to conceal the original source. I believe they do this - not to conceal the age of the product, but to hide the source, since product is being made available to us at a deep discount. I suspect some grey-area legality that makes this possible and (?) legal.

    Usually, if you get one of these, you can assume the bottle is at least a year or two old...but don't panic - that might not mean that the juice is bad. I've seen product as old as 2004 being sold at Neiman's for full retail price.

    I chose to buy my MI and GIT from a retail store because they seem to be among the more popular scents to be faked, old, spoiled, or passed off as acceptable when it simply smells wrong.

    Hope this helped!

    p.s. where did you order the 4 oz bottle from?
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