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    Default Basenotes your still amazing!!!!!

    Hello Basenotes Family,

    Well it has been a long time since I posted here. I really missed doing that even though I did peek in a lot to stay a bit current with the flow of the site. I had to leave for various reasons on top of trying to curb my fragrance obsession....ahahahahaha...well that has not changed and probably never will. The difference now is that I seem to now get a bit tired of frags and am always on the lookout for the next best thing.

    Due to the closure of one of our major retail outlets a few years ago-my ability to get fragrances has narrowed and I have to wait a while before they reach the shores of Bermuda. So because of that I do travel to the big apple quite often to smell what's out there. I just can't blind anymore-picked up some real duds over the last few months.

    My absolute favs at the moment are:

    1. JHL-Aramis
    2. Groove-Carols Daughter
    3. Black XS
    4. Heritage-Guerlain
    5. Bengal Black Musk-an oil that I use.

    Of course there are tons more but I seem to put my hands on these the most.

    Now I have to say that when I left, I made promises to fellow noters to send swaps, etc. Because of various reasons this was not fullfilled until recently. If I have forgotten anyone please, please, please pm me so I can take care of you.

    I have to publicly thank Grant and Danielle and all the moderators (especially Colin) for continually providing a venue for us 'Frag Nuts' live, breathe and have fun in the world of smellies. I continually get a kick out of folks reaction, facial expressions and body language when I tell them I collect frags as a hobby....LOL....too funny.

    Your a great bunch here and I have learned and been exposed to so much from your post. I have moved on and am a different person now and I look forward to mingling with my fellow noters. I sure was extremely disappointed I missed the basenotes luncheon and was greeeeennnnnnn with envy..but I tell ya....I shall be at the next one....

    Well I am looking forward to my trip to the apple at the end of May to try out the summer juices....can't wait....

    Well continue to live your lives to the fullest and remember to laugh............

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